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So I have known sweet Kayla for many, many years! Back in the day, the pre-tiptoe days, lol,  I worked with Kayla's mom at a local bank. Kayla must've been like a baby then.... Like not actually a baby, but she was just a little girl! A sweet little girl! AND now she is like a high school senior! Whatttttt???  Kayla is such a beauty inside and out. No matter what angle I shot her from, I never got a bad picture!  Gorgeous!! I certainly wish her the best of luck after she graduates from high school this spring. Enjoy some of my faves!

kayla-bush-1 kayla-bush-11 kayla-bush-42 kayla-bush-47

Well anyone that is my friend personally on FB, you may have saw the unfortunate "crap"  that happened on my way into the studio for my baby Evelyn's newborn shoot, BUTTTTT I wouldn't change this day for anything! Evelyn is my new baby "niece" (my cousins baby) and oh my gosh I love her so!!! She reminds me of a baby Keri Jackson, eyes, nose, birthmark and all! (Sorry Ian) I can't even take it!  She had such big smiles for me, (probably because she knew I was having such an awful day, or maybe she was laughing as hard as Mom and Dad were at the unfortunate incident.) Either way here is one of my favorite gummy smiles of the day! logo1

I am so happy to share Nick's senior session with you all!! I met him several years ago through our local 4-H (my Olivia is a clover bud with the Yahoo Buckaroos) He's such a great kid and we had so much fun exchanging stories about our lab "puppies" and I learned a ton about hockey and our local teams! Our session was so relaxed and fun and he was great at taking my crazy directions!! I hope you all enjoy!

petrarca-5 petrarca-18 petrarca-45 petrarca-52

I had such a wonderful time photographing baby Hadley. She is baby number 3 for one of our favorite families! And the FIRST baby girl! Hadley is so lucky to have 2 big brothers who love her so much.... Well at least biggest brother does, Landon was so kind and gentle and sweet, showering her in his big bro kisses! I can't even take it!! All the while little brother was really into hims trucks, lol!! Which of course is way cooler for him than a little sister! DUH!   Enjoy some of my faves from their shoot!

collagemartin martin8 martin20 martin34 meet martin7

Oh my goodness... I got to photograph some of my all time favorite kiddos the other day and it breaks my heart that they are getting so big! Sisters, Shawn and Jessie, have brought their babes to us since Ben was like 2. The kiddos Ben, Kayleigh, and Lucas were SOOO good for the shoot! Ben was handing out my candy bribes, Kayleigh was Miss Sassy and baby Lucas was the best, doing whatever we asked him to do! #luckyparents  I told them what a mess picture day in the Mercer household turns into, no matter how much I plan! I wish my kids had half as much patience and smiles as their kids did! Even though I know that's not the way it works when you are the photographer and mom! #icanwish  Anyway here are some of my faves of the kids individual shots! ENJOY those smiles!


Lucas was blowing some sweet baby kisses to me!! #love


As many of you may have seen recently, we have been on the hunt for a new Tiptoe girl, and after several (really great) interviews, we have our winner! Meet Melissa Grant, the newest addition to Team Tiptoe.  We have known and loved Melissa for over 5 years now, and with her bubbly personality, easy going-ness and flexibility we knew she would be a perfect fit for the team. So without further adieu .... we are super excited for you to get to meet Melissa.  Everyone please take a minute to welcome her and say hello.



Hi there! I’m Melissa, the newest member of the Tiptoe team. I am so excited to be part of such an amazing business and work among some great women. I Am just shy of turning 20 years old (boring). I am the daughter of two loving parents Paula Grant, my go to girl and best friend and Mike Grant, my beautiful angel upstairs, and siblings with my two brothers, Michael and Matthew. I am the middle child out of the three of us and like to consider myself the “peacemaker” of the family. Oh! I also have a little yorkie dog named Maci, who’s currently sitting on my lap as I type this. Maci is uncontrollable, spoiled, and I love her so very much considering I brought her home when I was 14… Let’s just say mom wasn’t very happy about that! I was born in Leesburg, VA and have lived in Harpers Ferry, WV my whole life. Growing up with two brothers has been an adventure and has taught me to always get back up when I fall down. Speaking of adventure… I have a heart for traveling, seeing new places, and experiencing new culture!

I have grown up Catholic and I am a member of Saint James Catholic Church, yes the huge church on old route nine, if you’re familiar with the area. No matter where I end up in life I always know I have a church to call home. Growing up I fell in love with competitive cheerleading and competed for about 14 years, then decided to give my body a rest from the sport. Since I brought up falling in love… I adore my boyfriend, Tyler! He is in the Navy and is a self-motivated, hardworking, loving person who makes me a better person every day. We support each other’s dreams, are best friends, and make the most out of every day together.

So now for a little more about me, me, me! I absolutely love summer time and the beach. Although, there is something about fall that makes my heart warm, ya know things like pumpkin spice, chunky sweaters, crisp air, and football season! (Cowboys fan, don’t hate on it) I also love to go on hikes, bike rides, and kayak down the river. I love to run and run in the Race for Hope 5k every year, 5 years and counting. I don’t watch that much tv… but when I do its Family Feud! I love flowers, books, messy buns, hammocks, waffles, and I can scroll through Pinterest till my thumb is tired. On another note, I really hate bugs and I’m not joking; I REALLY hate all bugs! I hate when my bed is not made and I can’t stand the cold weather! I volunteer to help feed the homeless every year on Christmas day. Through this experience it really makes me thankful for what I have and gives you a priceless feeling inside.

As of right now, I am about to start my last year at Blue Ridge CTC and will graduate with an Associate’s in Business Administration this fall. YAY! I am a member of Kappa Delta Phi and plan to continue my education by furthering to my Bachelor’s Degree. I am an organized person who loves schedules and list! I love working out and lifting too. I go to the gym every day and always keep up on my cardio. I also eat and live a healthy life style that I wouldn’t trade for any other life.

Now you all know a little about me and what makes up Melissa!


Hey guys! Just wanted to do a quick teaser for Gabi, since her ordering session is tomorrow! I think I have found a new favorite place to take my clients looking for field pictures! Ahhh! I am so in love with these images! I mean it didn't hurt that my subject is absolutely breathtaking too!  No wonder a couple times during her shoot people were literally copying us taking pictures, pose and backdrop,  while we were standing right there! #flattered

Anyway, enjoy Gabi, these 2 are my faves!

logo1 logo2

So I had the honor of shooting one of my FIRST clients engagement sessions recently! Geez does this mean I am old?? She wasn't even a senior in high school for her first shoot with me and now she's getting married! (I can't even explain how happy this makes me, TRUE TIPTOE DEVOTION, *tears*)  I love this girl and am soooooo incredibly happy she has met her mate. These 2 are the best together- equally funny, quirky, and spirited!  I just love them!  So I wanted to give them some Tiptoe TEASERS!! Enjoy y'all and I can't wait for October!

kilmer-2 kilmer-17 kilmer-31 kilmer-34 kilmer-36 kilmer-40 kilmer-44 kilmer-47 kilmer-50 kilmer-64 kilmer-72-2 kilmer-76


Hi there... Lisa here! Number 2 in line for the meet and greet of Team Tiptoe. Which is appropriate because I am the middle "child" among the 3 owners of Tiptoe. I'm a born and bred J Co. resident and have no plans on ever leaving again.  I always say that I moved away once (to Virginia Beach) and learned my lesson... There is something about home that I know I can't get anywhere else. Being surrounded by family and friends is one thing I never take for granted, especially after I started my own family!

I have been married to the love of my life, Tom, since 2008! He is my rock, the ying to my yang, and makes me happier every year we spend together. We have 3 kiddos, a beautiful forever home we built a couple years ago, and a chocolate lab, Chelsie.

Here is a little about my kiddos! My stepdaughter, Taylor. She is the most beautiful, talented 16 year old I know.  She has taught me so much over the years. Now she's like one of my best friends... I know they say that you shouldn't be your kids friend, but there has to be an exception here, as sometimes I think Taylor is more mature than I am, LOL.

Olivia is my 7 year old, who is so smart, far beyond her years, who never met a stranger and who is exactly like her mother in more ways than I'd like to admit out loud. She just gets life, and that is so amazing to see in such a little girl!

Then my baby Tre, who will probably always have the nickname of "baby Tre" no matter how old he gets.  (He's about to be 3 this summer.)  I just love the way he loves me. I always heard the saying mommas boy and didn't really get it until I had him.  He is my little man, my baby noonie baby, my baby fat balls, and the wittle wuv of my life!

I don't know what I did to deserve these 4 people as my family but God has given me a beautiful life.

A little about me and my photography! Like a LOT of things in my life, whether it be my closet, decorating my house, or even the 1000 lists I make everyday, I am constantly learning, trying and changing! I spend a lot of time perfecting this craft that we call Tiptoe! I would say that my style is light and airy, happy and fun!  OHHH, and I love, love, love our Tiptoe Teaches classes!  It gives me an outlet to educate new photographers about my passion!  #Winning

So outside of my family and the obvious of getting to own a flourishing photography business with some of my BEST friends, here are a couple things that make me, me!

I love my God! I love my church, New Destiny! And I love everything that comes with His word. I am fairly new to this journey, but I love everything it has taught me, so far!

I coupon! I love a coupon and a sale! I am on a constant look out for a discount! I love the Sunday paper, Ebates, I botta, SavingsStar, Find&Save, and Checkout 51! I check them out before I buy ANYTHING, like even a tea at the convenience store. It's bad, ya'll!

I over punctuate EVERYTHING!!! I am not screaming at you... I promise! I also feel like I can never just end a sentence, which is the reason for my ... after everything! Sorry guys!

I cry, unlike my partner Tara, I will cry at almost every wedding , sappy movie, kids program, and showing of a DVD slideshow! I'm a tad emotional! I can't help it!

Things I can't stand... showers that are already wet, dirty floors, waiting, and being butt in front of while standing in line! (Like, seriously if you do this I will cut you! )

My babies!


Me and babe!


Now ya'll know a little of what makes up my life. I will leave you with my all time favorite quote - "You're perfect... now just smile" by Ryan Star (one of my favorite musicians of all time, I don't even have time to get into all my love for true musicians, or all the time I spent before Tom going to shows... Yep that'll have to be a story for another time...LOL)