Hey all!! It's that time of year! Where a couple of the Tiptoe girls will be running in our undies to raise a BUNCH of money for one of our special kids! So as a kickstart to our fundraising, I am auctioning off a Tiptoe Gift Certificate for $150. Just call, email, or message us your top bid and whoever has the highest bid on January 20th at 10pm... WINS! I will keep you posted via social media what the bid is up to!

Also if you aren't needing the gift certificate and just want to be a gracious donor here is a link to my donations page! Just 5$ makes a world of difference to me!! Lisa's  Cupids page! 

cupids undie run donation flyer




Check out highlights from last years run here!

Ande here! With your daily, animal-lovin' blog! JK...kinda.

But seriously...story time and yes, of course it involves animals.

A couple months ago, I caught one of the many feral cats that occupy my yard.  My intent was to socialize it so I can get it out of my yard and into someone's loving arms. (Yeah, update on that, it's not happening.  I still have her and she still hates me with all the hate a single feline can possibly muster.)

After a period of time had passed, I figured if she hadn't warmed up to me by now, then living a tame life just wasn't in the cards for her.  I'd get her spayed and then let her go on her way.

I made the call to Spay Today and I was heading to Briggs to finalize her appointment when I discovered...kittens. Great! She popped five of those suckers out the night before which left me with a mother cat that wants to claw my eyes out and her five newborns. They are all sweet and, naturally, as curious as ever. They're just over a month old now and I'm on the search for loving forever homes.


Of course I had to have a mini-photoshoot with them...approaching 2 weeks old


It really doesn't get any cuter.


One month now...mischievous little buggars (apologies for the poopy phone quality photos)


Can't you just hear the 'MEWW'!?

If you or anyone you know is looking for a life companion, please call or email me (540-686-5888// If I don't find home for these little babes I don't know what I'm going to do with five kitties!!


The Cupids Undie Run is one of our favorite charity events that we have done over the past several years. So let me give you a quick rundown of what it's about and why we are so involved. One of our long time clients and best friends daughter, Khloe, was diagnosed with NF at the age of 4. Neurofibromatosis is a set of complex genetic disorders that affects almost every organ system, causing a predisposition for tumors to grow on nerves in the brain and throughout the body. Khloe currently has MRIs every 3 months to keep close watch on her tumors. This girl is a ROCKSTAR. She goes through way more than any Kindergartener should EVER have to and she does it with a smile.
This is THE reason we relentlessly beg for donations for months and months leading up to the run. I am very proud to say that our team, The Bean Team, raised $8685 and well beat our goal of $5000! This was all through tons of big and little donations from all of you! WOW, how amazing!! And the great thing about this event is that 100% of the profits go straight to the Childrens Tumor Foundation, so we are super confident that we are working for the cure to this disease.
Now it is run day... And we keep hearing that the weather is going to be far colder/windier than the years past, and does this scare us a bit? Ummm yes, but because the run is only a little over a mile around the Capitol in DC the run administrators are confident that it takes 30 minutes for frostbite or hypothermia to set in and we all should be fine! I mean having the chance to run the streets of DC in your skivvies is like a once in a lifetime opportunity! It was going to happen either way!

So I wanted to add some pictures of our fabulous day and thank everyone who donated to the Bean Team. The Bean Team has BIG fundraising plans this year, so be on the lookout! And also if you have some time go to and to learn more! It's all about raising awareness!

This is our BEAN.. Khloe!
This is our BEAN.. Khloe!

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