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Hi there... Lisa here! Number 2 in line for the meet and greet of Team Tiptoe. Which is appropriate because I am the middle "child" among the 3 owners of Tiptoe. I'm a born and bred J Co. resident and have no plans on ever leaving again.  I always say that I moved away once (to Virginia Beach) and learned my lesson... There is something about home that I know I can't get anywhere else. Being surrounded by family and friends is one thing I never take for granted, especially after I started my own family!

I have been married to the love of my life, Tom, since 2008! He is my rock, the ying to my yang, and makes me happier every year we spend together. We have 3 kiddos, a beautiful forever home we built a couple years ago, and a chocolate lab, Chelsie.

Here is a little about my kiddos! My stepdaughter, Taylor. She is the most beautiful, talented 16 year old I know.  She has taught me so much over the years. Now she's like one of my best friends... I know they say that you shouldn't be your kids friend, but there has to be an exception here, as sometimes I think Taylor is more mature than I am, LOL.

Olivia is my 7 year old, who is so smart, far beyond her years, who never met a stranger and who is exactly like her mother in more ways than I'd like to admit out loud. She just gets life, and that is so amazing to see in such a little girl!

Then my baby Tre, who will probably always have the nickname of "baby Tre" no matter how old he gets.  (He's about to be 3 this summer.)  I just love the way he loves me. I always heard the saying mommas boy and didn't really get it until I had him.  He is my little man, my baby noonie baby, my baby fat balls, and the wittle wuv of my life!

I don't know what I did to deserve these 4 people as my family but God has given me a beautiful life.

A little about me and my photography! Like a LOT of things in my life, whether it be my closet, decorating my house, or even the 1000 lists I make everyday, I am constantly learning, trying and changing! I spend a lot of time perfecting this craft that we call Tiptoe! I would say that my style is light and airy, happy and fun!  OHHH, and I love, love, love our Tiptoe Teaches classes!  It gives me an outlet to educate new photographers about my passion!  #Winning

So outside of my family and the obvious of getting to own a flourishing photography business with some of my BEST friends, here are a couple things that make me, me!

I love my God! I love my church, New Destiny! And I love everything that comes with His word. I am fairly new to this journey, but I love everything it has taught me, so far!

I coupon! I love a coupon and a sale! I am on a constant look out for a discount! I love the Sunday paper, Ebates, I botta, SavingsStar, Find&Save, and Checkout 51! I check them out before I buy ANYTHING, like even a tea at the convenience store. It's bad, ya'll!

I over punctuate EVERYTHING!!! I am not screaming at you... I promise! I also feel like I can never just end a sentence, which is the reason for my ... after everything! Sorry guys!

I cry, unlike my partner Tara, I will cry at almost every wedding , sappy movie, kids program, and showing of a DVD slideshow! I'm a tad emotional! I can't help it!

Things I can't stand... showers that are already wet, dirty floors, waiting, and being butt in front of while standing in line! (Like, seriously if you do this I will cut you! )

My babies!


Me and babe!


Now ya'll know a little of what makes up my life. I will leave you with my all time favorite quote - "You're perfect... now just smile" by Ryan Star (one of my favorite musicians of all time, I don't even have time to get into all my love for true musicians, or all the time I spent before Tom going to shows... Yep that'll have to be a story for another time...LOL)

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you all a quick run down of all the things we have coming up at Tiptoe!

  1. Tiptoe Teaches- our workshop #2 on how and where to find the LIGHT!

let there be light PhotographyWorkshopFlyer

2. Our annual MOMMY and ME sessions for Mothers Day!MommyMe2016

3. Our spring  school portrait sessions! Tiptoe school day 2016

4. Our Tiptoe Teaches workshop #1 on how to use your fancy camera! PhotographyWorkshopFlyer

5. Client appreciation special for the month of May!past client appreciation month

I loved meeting this couple at our studio just a couple weeks ago to do their wedding consultation. And I super loved to hear that they are booking with Tiptoe!! So being that they live out of town, we had their engagement session right away!  We decided that their beautiful family farm, where the wedding will be taking place, was the perfect location. We also knew that we wanted to include their furry baby in some of the pictures. They warned me he would be wild but I think they were fibbing on that baby, he was perfectly mannered! 🙂 Enjoy some of my faves from the shoot!

binder4 binder8 binder10 binder24

Hey guys... So we are thinking that we want our blog to be an open forum for you ALL, our audience? What do you want more of? Personal posts, education posts, advertising specials??

Have photography questions for us? Just send us a quick email to tiptoestudios@yahoo.com and perhaps we can start an ask us section on the blog!!

What would a blog post be with out a shameless plug!!

We have a couple seats left for our Tiptoe teaches class... Now that the kids are back in school learning new things, it's time for you to invest back in your education!! You will not regret it!! And also in case you didn't know, we end all our Tiptoe Teaches workshops with us "shooting" you for a brand new headshot ($150 value)! Now that sounds like fun!! LOL!