So I had the honor of shooting one of my FIRST clients engagement sessions recently! Geez does this mean I am old?? She wasn't even a senior in high school for her first shoot with me and now she's getting married! (I can't even explain how happy this makes me, TRUE TIPTOE DEVOTION, *tears*)  I love this girl and am soooooo incredibly happy she has met her mate. These 2 are the best together- equally funny, quirky, and spirited!  I just love them!  So I wanted to give them some Tiptoe TEASERS!! Enjoy y'all and I can't wait for October!

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I am so excited to share this session with you all. This couple booked their 2016 wedding with us just a couple of months ago, and thank goodness they did!  They are such a great example of a Tiptoe couple! They are so in love, so happy, and willing to go the extra step to make some great images! All that we could ask for!

So for their engagement session, they took me back to a place I haven't been in years! Like not since I was roaming the streets of Shepherdstown as a Jr. High Schooler!  Walking into town after school was the cool thing to do, so of course me and my group of girlfriends would do it. We would go to Tony's pizza have a snack and then roam to wherever our hearts desired. Sometimes this would be Sky's the Limit, the Town Run, the river access behind Shepherd College, and sometimes it would be the Rumsey Monument, which is where we went for this session! And with the exception of a couple of picnic tables, it was just the same as all those years ago. (On a side note, what were our parents thinking, letting 12-14 year olds roam the town for a couple of hours after school? Anyway...)  We picked the perfect time of evening because towards the end of our session the sun was setting behind those trees and it was magical!! We walked around for over an hour using all the little spots the area offered. They had such great ideas for pictures too, including the "Rocky" picture I included! I love, love, love that they would do everything I asked and they would do it with a twist to showcase their personalities! These guys were so much fun and I can't even wait to see how much fun their wedding is going to be!  Enjoy!!logo7 logo6 logo5 logo4 logo3 logo2 logo1

I loved meeting this couple at our studio just a couple weeks ago to do their wedding consultation. And I super loved to hear that they are booking with Tiptoe!! So being that they live out of town, we had their engagement session right away!  We decided that their beautiful family farm, where the wedding will be taking place, was the perfect location. We also knew that we wanted to include their furry baby in some of the pictures. They warned me he would be wild but I think they were fibbing on that baby, he was perfectly mannered! 🙂 Enjoy some of my faves from the shoot!

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