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First, before I start let me apologize for my grammar mistakes, I am sure there are some...

Some days there is nothing I need more than a good session with an old friend. Campbell's mom, Amanda, and I go way way back to what I can now call the good 'ole days, when we were all young and kid free, where we didn't have anything to worry about except maybe what we were going to get into that evening... Ahhh big sigh!  Two kids later I miss those days sometimes, just getting up and going to work for a little while, then off shopping and grabbing a bite to eat with friends! (bigger sigh) As a "kid" we take for granted time, it often seems like nowadays between the kids, Olivia's school and activities, Tiptoe and my clients, fixing dinners, washing clothes, grocery shopping, trying to have an uninterrupted conversation with my husband,  (the list could go on and on)   that TIME is so precious.  My mom has always said that once high school is over you will blink and you will be 30 years old! I always thought she was crazy, I mean it took forever to get through high school.  But then I blinked and I turned 30! It feels so crazy that the 12 years after high school have gone by in the blink of an eye! So this makes me think of Amanda and baby Campbell and how his first birthday is already here.  I know Amanda feels like we just did his newborn images and now he is turning 1! She planned his birthday party just like it was her own wedding (we were there for that too) with tons of guests, centerpieces, cakes and matching outfits. Now all of her hard work and planning is turning into a very, very important milestone in his life... His first birthday. Sigh... One of my favorite quotes about photography is "Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still." -Dorothea Lange - And this is so true, taking these images of Cam has stopped time and forever he will be the happy little boy in our studio on his first birthday smashing that cake. So when baby Cam is all grown up- graduating from high school, getting married, and starting a family,  Amanda will have these photographs to look back on and remember that this man that she has raised was once her 1 year old  happy baby boy.


And this friends is one reason why I love what I do! So blessed!





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Oftentimes we are asked our opinion of wardrobe choice.  Out are the days of wearing black and white with khakis or matching polos.  Your choice of clothing should reflect your family and their personality.  So first and foremost start off by being YOU! The goal is to complement each other and not be too "matchy matchy."  Think bright colors, layers, textures and accessories.  If you aren't sure, don't be afraid to ask your photographer. We want to be excited with you.  When we know what you are wearing and the vision you are going for it will help us produce  beautiful images. Now, with that being said here are some ideas from our family sessions to get you started.  Take note the bright colors, layers, layers and more layers and accessories. gustines5 View More: More:

Welcome to the brand-spanking new Tiptoe Studios blog site! With the opening of this chapter, we invite you all to "come on in" and take a glimpse of everything that happens  on the front lines and behind the scenes of Tiptoe Studios! We want you to get to know us both professionally and personally, so we will be escorting you "into our world".

Be on the look out for 5 different perspectives on EVERYTHING! We all have a lot to say and to share and this is just the beginning. Here is where you can find it all: our favorite shots from recent shoots, funny or embarrassing stories of the day and our views on all things photography as well as all things in general! Thanks for checking us out and we hope you will stick around for the ride!

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