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Soooo... I personally have had several of my mom friends call me, right after they got their proofs back from the school, to say thank you for doing their kid's school photo this year.  Which was awesome because they really appreciate what we at Tiptoe do!! We are PHOTOGRAPHERS, we don't do backdrops where everyone will have the same photo year after year, we don't just make the kids stand there and snap a pic not caring what they looked like, we take time to see that real smile and make sure we capture it, in every student! We don't just want "persons" in our photos, we want "personality".  Whether you come to us for a 5 minute school session or an hour long regular photography session, we put our all into capturing YOU each and every time.

So all of this really got me thinking... I can't ever say that I "get" their displeasure because we have been lucky enough to be the photographers for several preschools in the area.  I have been there  to take my own child's school pictures since she started school! Woo hoo! However this year she started kindergarten (unfortunately Tiptoe cannot compete with the incentives of the company that our county uses for portraits) and I knew that I wouldn't be the one to take her portrait, which sort of birthed the idea of opening up Tiptoe School Portrait day for any kids who may not want that typical school portrait.  This school year we held a fall and spring session, and it went fabulously!! We had so, so many kids come out and take advantage of the Tiptoe school pricing which is comparable to the pricing you pay for the portraits offered through the school.  Tiptoe school portraits are really such a great idea. Let's be honest, these "school" photos are the ones you use most to chart their growth and see all their changes, and honestly these are the ones that you end up keeping FOREVER.  Heaven knows I still have all of mine downstairs!  So why not make them fabulous? Let these precious photos show off your child's personality and real smile!

"Just a thought, not a sermon!"

Check out below some of my favorites from our Spring Tiptoe School Portrait Day!!

staubs8 weaver2 grant12

We have all heard the sayin', and it has so many interpretations.   Kind of like, you should "never judge a book by it's cover".

When I hear "if the shoe fits" I think of it referencing someone's personality, not necessarily the shoes on their feet.  But, I also think you can tell a lot about a person's personality by the shoes they wear.

Let me set the record straight, I am by no means a "Cinderella".  (I don't like to clean, although I like my house tidy and often get stressed when things aren't "where they belong".)   I don't have the best sense of fashion, but I am not color blind... thank goodness.  I know what matches and what doesn't.  I know how to dress up an outfit, or how to dress it down.

Every girl loves shoes, but this girl...this girl doesn't just love any kind of shoe.  I love boots!  I don't care if they are on a man, a woman, a little boy, a little girl or on a rack.  I love them, and can't get enough of them!

What does that say about my personality?  Well, I am not 100% sure...I'll let you be the judge.  We all have different personalities.  Although a "pair of shoes' are the same, no two personalities are, nor should they be.  Be selective with your shoes, and take note of the ones that other people wear.

So, if the shoe fits...wear it, but if the boots fit...ROCK 'EM!

Shoe Blog 2





We have already had numerous inquiries for our annual father's day sessions, so here goes! We would love, love, LOVE for our Tiptoe dads to get super creative and do themed shoots this year (or maybe we should say we need some Tiptoe MOMS to "inspire" the dads to get creative since that is normally how it works)!  We would love to see  baseball/sports themes, trucks and/or tractors, fishing/hobby themes, superhero themes....really the sky's the limit with these sessions! Give us a call or shoot us an email to secure your slot and let's give dad the appreciation he deserves on his special day!



It's that time of year...senior portrait time! We get sooooo excited to start shooting senior sessions because they are so much fun! Tiptoe Seniors always bring such awesome energy and life to their sessions. Wardrobe, hair, make up, props; for our senior girls it is a whirlwind day full of preparation and laughs. From our senior guys (who don't normally look forward to this process quite as much as the girls do!) our highest compliments have been that we make it a painless (and sometimes even enjoyable, lol) experience!

Because we enjoy our seniors so much, we are able to bring a vibrant, more personal touch to our images. Gone are the days of the backdrops and cheesy props. We're heading to the great outdoors in the location of your choice! The possibilities are endless and the Tiptoe girls are up for anything that will bring that personal touch to your session- just ask!

We are also introducing something a bit new. Since we had such success with our Tiptoe parties, we have created a special collection for Senior Parties! Honestly, isn't is more fun to do these things in groups anyway? Take a look at our promotions and give us a call for more information!

senior flyer SENIOR PARTIES



Multitasking has never been such a huge part of my life as it is now.

I’m not just a Tiptoe girl.

I’m a cashier at your local Ranson Petco.  I’m a volunteer for the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center.  I’m a volunteer at Briggs Adoption Center.  I’m a Biology student with a Chemistry minor at Shepherd University.  I’m a co-worker, a caregiver, a sister, a daughter, a girlfriend, a best friend, a bridesmaid, a pet mommy, should I go on? Lol

But the truth is… I LOVE IT ALL.

I’ve long since realized life will never be ‘simple’ again.  It will only pile on heavier.  As my life has gotten more and more chaotic, photography has become even more rewarding.  I know I’m not the only one whose life is going a hundred miles per hour.  So knowing that I'm helping preseve a sliver of time for someone else is awesome and reminds me to do the same for myself.  I guess this kinda coincides with Lisa's post from a couple weeks ago, but's important!  Take a moment and realize how great life is.  Capture it.  And then keep doing everything you love. Repeat.


My name is Tara and I am a TV addict...

Yep, there it is...

If I am at home with a computer on my lap, (which I am most days) I am also binge watching entire seasons of shows on Netflix, Hulu or Xfinity. Of course, this is only possible because both of  my kids are now in school and I find myself with a solid 6 hour block of time in which to get my Tiptoe work done...and to work my way through the last 10 years of TV!

Now, I know this is definitely not a good thing but here's the thing...I feel no shame. So what if I feel like checking in on Don Draper to see if he's drinking himself stupid in his office (the 50's/60's sure were crazy, am I right?!) And when I am feeling a little nuts and out of sorts, well at least I am not as nuts as good old Dexter Morgan, right? The bright side and all...

So, TV lovers and fellow binge watchers, I have put together a top 10 list of my favorite, binge-worthy series. You will probably see right away that I tend toward the dark and twisty! Enjoy!

10. Mad Men

9. 6 Feet Under

8. True Blood

7. Sons of Anarchy

6. Breaking Bad

5. Dexter

4. Supernatural

3. Prison Break

2. Weeds

1. The Walking Dead (duh) This is the one and only show that I believe is worthy of watching on live TV, commercials and all!

Of course this list just scratched the surface. A few other faves are Scandal, 24, The X-Files, The Sopranos.... So, if you are a fellow TV junkie and need some guidance in what to watch next, just ask! And I am always looking for my next series, so suggestions are always welcome! I am currently on the last season of House of Cards and may start on Entourage next unless anyone has any better ideas...!

XOXO, TV Girl   (free session fee to the first one of you who gets that TV series reference!)

PS. And yes, I am bingeing  right now... 😉



I personally have been sooooo excited about this day for 10+ years!  My brother and sister in law reunited and got remarried this past Friday! Michelle has been in my life since I was little. The first time BA (my brother) brought her home, I remember my mom looking out the window when they were pulling in the driveway and Michelle was sitting in the middle of the Jeep and BA had his arm around her.  I felt the excitement that my mom was feeling, and as a kid, I just remember thinking  they were the perfect couple! That day quickly became engraved into my memory, and her riding in the front seat so close to him quickly became a country song in my head.  Michelle was like a big sister to me, during my early teenage years, she used to be allowed to take my moms car and drive me around. I remember feeling so COOL!  They married the first time when I was 12 years old, I was in the wedding, big braces and all (I still have the pictures to prove it, ahhh)!  They were married several years before they had my niece, the little love of my life, Mikayla! Boy oh boy, I did (and do) love that kid! At 18, I ended up living with the 3 of them.  Looking back at that time in my life, I realize more and more everyday what a special person it took to have a new baby AND take in your husband's kid sister.  They were just starting their family and I was there, probably driving them nuts. It was a tough time in my life, but never did I ever feel unwanted or like a nuisance! Knowing now what it is like having a new baby, I am confident that I would NOT be able to take in a 18 year old permanent house guest.  But Michelle did, no questions asked!  I love her more for that now, than ever! But this was also the time when their relationship had taken a downward turn and they ended up divorcing.  I remember when it was happening, and my mom and I saying that one day they will get back together.  We had confidence! They belonged together and seriously NO one was ever going to take the place of her as my sister! Michelle had mentioned at their wedding how mom had never taken down her high school portraits, they were hanging on the wall right next to my brothers and mine, TEN YEARS after the divorce. She belonged there!

So can anyone imagine my excitement when 2 + years ago BA started going to church with Michelle?  This was the path they needed to reconcile.  I am sure it hasn't been an easy path for them, but it has been a God driven one!  They have stayed true to themselves and God, equipped to work out any of those past demons! Their testimony is a great one! Our family is complete again, Michelle is back! So needless to say that being apart 10+ years then finding their way back to one another, has quickly become another country song in my head! LOL! Cheers to Ba and Michelle!!!

Here are some quick teasers from the wedding!

viands1 viands2 viands3


It's about that time again! Our annual Mommy and Me sessions are right around the corner and this year we are excited to offer all of the hard-working mommy's out there a true day of pampering! On Sunday, May 3rd our studio will be transformed into "Tiptoe Day Spa"! Professional hair and make up staff will be on hand to make sure that you are flawless for your photo session. While you are being pampered, take advantage of the snacks and yummy mimosas we'll have prepared especially for you!

We are offering something new this baby-sitting! These sessions are open to moms and their babies of all ages. If you have little ones who need watching while you are relaxing, we will have a baby sitter on staff to keep them happy and occupied until it is time to smile for the camera.

We know Mom is usually the one behind the camera; let us "put you in the picture" and capture some beautiful memories! Happy Mother's Day!




Ok, so this is a totally personal post, but I felt like it could relate to some other ladies out there! Recently, I did a bible study with a small group of great and wonderful women, the study was called Breathe.  In a nutshell, it was about the bondage we have to busyness. How we busy our lives, rushing from one thing to the next and we never take the time to just BREATHE. How we need to try having some quiet, peaceful, reflecting time. Time to refocus and find the right path for us.  Priscilla Shirer, the author, made one example of her obsession with belts. She demonstrated with a huge belt loop, holding what looked to be 100 belts, all shoved together and unorganized, some even with tags still on them. She said that she was obsessed with belts, they were her favorite thing.  She pointed out that she could never find one that she was looking for because there were so many. She couldn't enjoy what she had because she had overloaded her closet with them.  So instead of them being something that she loved, they quickly had turned into something that was more of a problem/ hindrance for her. Every time she needed one she didn't even want to fight the battle.

And boy oh boy did this speak to me because this was literally an analogy for so many aspects of my life...

First and most obvious, my whole closet was the same as that belt loop of hers... jammed packed- I had so many items filling my closet: shoes, purses, wallets, scarves, pants, jeans, shirts, make-up, jewelry, fingernail polish, and literally anything else you can think of, that I wasn't enjoying anything that I had bought! And to top it off, I had done the same thing to my kids closets! I bought those items thinking they would make me happy or make my life better in some way for having them... but digging through our closets everyday to find an outfit was making my life worse and causing me so much more stress.  I could never find ANYTHING. Definitely not what I had in mind when I bought the items!  So to fix this - I cleaned out each of our closets! And honestly, I don't even miss a single thing that I got rid of! ....... Breathing a little easier each day!!

Secondly when I have a passion for something, I go hard for it! For example photography- I am obsessed with my job! I was always on the look out for the next thing, a new edit, a new shooting location, a new filter, a easier way to do something, a new way to find clients, how to get more clients, a new special we can run, I have felt like I was spinning and spinning in circles and not really getting anywhere.  It was exhausting! Instead this year it has been my goal to just BREATHE and take the time to really hone in the skills I already have, and just be ME in my photography! I love that saying "Be yourself, everyone else is taken" because it's so true, no one else is ever going to look through the back of my camera and 'see' the same thing the way I do! I have to have more confidence in that!

Third, my family life, I was filling everyday with them with a list of to dos. Whether it was grocery shopping, to after school activities, it seemed like there was no free time to enjoy our family as a whole!  We were just running from place to place. We have since tried to slow it down and geez I have seen such a difference in our lives! I feel like a have gotten the chance to look at my kids and husband and really SEE them. The beautiful creatures they are! I may be more in love with them now than ever before.

Reflecting back over the past couple months, I know that this BREATHING exercise has been working! It really is a relief when you are not worrying yourself with the clutter of what is next and just realize how amazing your life is.   I am seeing how beyond blessed I am, from my family, my friends, my job, and my God!  Things have just seemed to find their way to me and I don't feel like I am missing anything because I am not searching!! It has been a huge weight lifted from my shoulders.  So I guess my point is to try to take inventory of your life figure out what is important and allow some breathing room for it!  🙂 breathe


Seriously!!! We have decided to open our workbook up to the public, not just our workshop students! So if you are an aspiring photographer, or just a mom wanting to take better pictures with your DSLR camera this workbook explains the Tiptoe way to shooting manually! If you are dying to get your hands on one,  just send us a quick email to or call us at 304.995.6743.

On a side note, our first group of ladies seemed to love the workshop, so we will be putting together some dates for some more workshops! If you missed out on the first one, and would want to attend another, send us a quick note! Thanks guys! Title Page