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Is it too soon? If you are like me, you feel like the summer flew by and here we are with only 17 days until the new school year begins. 17 days, people! I am in an absolute frenzy, buying book bags, school clothes, new shoes, etc all while desperately trying to enjoy the last vestiges of a summer coming to an all too rapid end! There is A LOT to get done in a very short time frame! you know what you don't need to worry about? Having to pay for expensive, crappy, mediocre, school pictures....... because we got you covered! We are now booking for our annual Tiptoe school portraits! Let us give those bland, unimaginative school pictures our signature high-end touch! We take it to the next level with personalized settings matched with unbelievable pricing! Don't settle for anything less this year; call or email now to reserve your slot!

Tiptoe school pics

We have shot many weddings over the years, so we have seen it all.  But when I say they thought about everything, really...they thought about EVERYTHING.   It was such an amazing day that I'm sure their guest will not forget.  Everything was absolutely STUNNING!   Tommie and Mark are such a sweet couple, and we are so thankful to have been able to capture their perfect day!  They got married at The Bowling Green Country Club in Front Royal, VA.  Enjoy a couple teasers from their special day.


Lucas 1 Lucas 2

Lucas 5

Lucas 6 Lucas 7 Lucas 8 Lucas 9

Lucas 3 Lucas 4

What a beautiful wedding this was.  Justine looked absolutely flawless in her dress and those bright red lips.  Danny could not keep his eyes off her and I don't believe he EVER stopped smiling.  I mean do you blame him...just look at her, GORGEOUS!!  They got married at the George Washington Hotel in Winchester, VA.  Here are a few teasers from their special day.  Enjoy!

Barrow 2 Barrow 3 Barrow 4 Barrow 5 Barrow 6 Barrow 8 Barrow 9 Barrow 10 Barrow 12 Barrow 13 Barrow 14 Barrow 15 Barrow 16

What an amazing shoot I had last week with this beauty! She is a senior this upcoming year and opted for a Tiptoe styled shoot instead of the ones through the school. As we walked the streets of downtown Charles Town to find great shooting locations, she got looks and compliments from our passerby's! And I am sure you all can see why! She is absolutely STUNNING! I can barely take any credit for these beautiful photos!!  logo1 logo2 logo3 logo4

Many of the residents of Jefferson County are familiar with the All Good Festival which took place this year at a privately owned farm along the dinky backroads of Summit Point.  I live on those very same backroads.  In fact, I could see the festivities from my backyard!

I've heard a lot of negativity regarding All Good, but I've also heard a lot of positive outlooks on it as well.  I can't say that it was one or the other, because there are pros and cons to every situation, but I can share my individual experience as an up close and personal resident of the Rippon/Summit Point area.

I began to see changes about a week before the festival started.  "EXPECT DELAYS" signs were aligning Rt. 340.  An absurd amount of "POSTED", "NO TRESPASSING", and "PRIVATE PROPERTY" signs were popping up in nearly all of my neighbor's yards. (By the way guys, All Good is over sooo you can take your signs down now...we are beginning to look like the least friendly neighborhood in all of West Virginia lol). And the seemingly endless, serene field that I admired nearly every day slowly became enclosed by fences, uprooted by trucks, and disbanded by people.

The first day, I left my house in the midst of action.  (This girl's got places to be and things to do!! I will not be deterred!)  With my neon yellow "LOCAL TRAFFIC" sign in hand, I braced myself for the worst.  My backroads were fine, but a friend informed me Route 340 was impossible to maneuver that day.  I, however, had no difficulty getting to where I needed to be all week long via backroads.  (And a huuuge thanks to the PoPo for keeping the local routes clear for locals only. You guys did awesome!)

The second day, I decided to grab my #rideordie girlfriend and dive into the action.  I mean, I had free week-long passes because I lived so close, so was I gonna hit that up?? Uhm, YEAHHH! And honestly, I'm glad we did.  The music was fabulous, the food (or at least the hushpuppies there) were great, and ohhh my gosh, don't even get me started on how magnificent the people watching was...  As day turned into night, more people came out in the yard area to grab a bite, listen to great tunes, and nurse a beer (or five).  My friend and I ended our night by watching a talented group of fire dancers perform before starting on our quiet walk back home.

For the remainder of the festival, I was stuck at work, but I do plan on attending next summer. And as for the field, well, it's working it's way back to looking like the rolling green hills I know so well.

Crappy phone pics for your viewing pleasure...





Every year since Maximus was 6 months old we have done a week long vacation to North Carolina, but with trying to sell our house (which is still on the market if you know anyone looking for a we just weren't sure of our we backed out of the usual group vacation and had no plans of doing a beach trip this summer....BUMMER!  BUT...when my parents expressed wanting to get away for a few days we decided a quick trip to Ocean City for a few days is just what our family needed.

The boys were super excited because we have never gone on vacation with Grandma and Papa and I was excited to use my new camera that my partners got me for my birthday, which was last week.  (Thanks TT and Hoss!!!)  I still can't believe I only have one more year until I'm 30, ugh!!! Sucks getting old.  But anyways that's another blog topic.  As usual a few days leading up to it, I'm running around like a crazy person trying to make sure I have all I need, doing some last minute shopping, wondering who is going to look after our cats, washing clothes, cleaning the house, etc. etc.

We finally get to the beach and AHHH...  It's crazy how just being there makes me feel so peaceful.  Maximus kept asking if we would live here.  They both were a big crazy mess... staying up late, getting up early, eating anything and everything, but hey what's vacation if you can't do all those things, right?  It was a great time and I do love the beach, but boy am glad to be home.

Here are a few photos of the boys and for once I managed to get in a photo with Maximus.  Enjoy!


OC1 OC2 OC3 OC4 OC5 OC6rd OC7 OC8bw OC9bw

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Tiptoe Teaser for this beautiful family!

Boy oh boy was it a warm day!! And by warm I mean pretty HOTTT!! Mom even asked if this was one of my hottest shoots to date, and I had to answer honestly YES.... But I am guessing you can't even tell that this image was shot about 45 minutes into the shoot?? Right... because this family ROCKED. Mom was uber prepared and brought cold towels and water and even some touch up makeup for the girls!! AMAZING is all I can say, about this image, and this family! 🙂


Before I retired the camera for good, I had the opportunity to photograph someone I have had the pleasure of knowing since she was 4 years old. She is now heading into her senior year of high school and I am officially old!

My husband and I met the Browning family when we moved in next door to them as newlyweds waaaaaayyyyy back in 2002. Some of my earliest memories of Briana were as an adorable and spunky little 4 year old who would come right into my house and try on all of my shoes! Well, that little girl has turned into a gorgeous young woman who lights up any room she enters! This girl is going to do great things and I wish her the very best in everything that life has to offer!

A few images from Briana's senior session...

B7 B14 B16





So, I have been photographing Ms. Kennedy since she was about 2 years old.  We schedule her shoot every year right around her birthday.  She usually walks into the studio not so happy to be there.  Mom and Mimi can surely is always a process, but after a few talks and bribing of course, lol she opens up and we get some great shots.  Well, Kennedy just got a new puppy, or as she calls it, her "baby" Lily.  So what do I do but send mom a message... "photo shoot with her new puppy?"  and of course that is exactly what we did.  OMG....Ms. Kennedy walked into the studio as polite as can be and was a freaking ROCK STAR!!!  I couldn't have asked for a better shoot.  Here are a few teasers from our session.  I can't wait for them to see the rest.

A little girl and her puppy..... or should I say a mommy and her baby! 🙂

teaser1 teaser2 teaser3