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I am so excited to share this session with you all. This couple booked their 2016 wedding with us just a couple of months ago, and thank goodness they did!  They are such a great example of a Tiptoe couple! They are so in love, so happy, and willing to go the extra step to make some great images! All that we could ask for!

So for their engagement session, they took me back to a place I haven't been in years! Like not since I was roaming the streets of Shepherdstown as a Jr. High Schooler!  Walking into town after school was the cool thing to do, so of course me and my group of girlfriends would do it. We would go to Tony's pizza have a snack and then roam to wherever our hearts desired. Sometimes this would be Sky's the Limit, the Town Run, the river access behind Shepherd College, and sometimes it would be the Rumsey Monument, which is where we went for this session! And with the exception of a couple of picnic tables, it was just the same as all those years ago. (On a side note, what were our parents thinking, letting 12-14 year olds roam the town for a couple of hours after school? Anyway...)  We picked the perfect time of evening because towards the end of our session the sun was setting behind those trees and it was magical!! We walked around for over an hour using all the little spots the area offered. They had such great ideas for pictures too, including the "Rocky" picture I included! I love, love, love that they would do everything I asked and they would do it with a twist to showcase their personalities! These guys were so much fun and I can't even wait to see how much fun their wedding is going to be!  Enjoy!!logo7 logo6 logo5 logo4 logo3 logo2 logo1

I loved meeting this couple at our studio just a couple weeks ago to do their wedding consultation. And I super loved to hear that they are booking with Tiptoe!! So being that they live out of town, we had their engagement session right away!  We decided that their beautiful family farm, where the wedding will be taking place, was the perfect location. We also knew that we wanted to include their furry baby in some of the pictures. They warned me he would be wild but I think they were fibbing on that baby, he was perfectly mannered! 🙂 Enjoy some of my faves from the shoot!

binder4 binder8 binder10 binder24

I'm now one (very huge) step closer to working side by side with wildlife, but this time rabies vectors included.  In another month, this girl will be able to take on racoons, skunks, bats, fox, and more!  Maybe that sounds more scary than exciting to you, but for me, it's one giant step towards experiencing a lifetime of excitement and adventures with the amazing variety of wild animals the east coast has to offer.

The preventative Rabies vaccination comes in a series of three intramuscular injections. The first and second are one week apart and the last shot is about one month after the second. (I've got two more to go, Lord help me.) I HATE needles. And that's an understatement. I walked into the Public Health Department for my injection last week, nervous smile,  heart beating like a little mouse, and boyfriend in tow.  No way was I doing this intense hand holding? No one to make sure I don't hit my head on something when I faint? No one to roll their eyes at me when I start tearing up?  That's not how this Ande gets her shots....There's either a hand to hold or it's not happening.

The injection was actually the best (if there is such a thing) needle related experience I've had. Just a little poke and it was over! I was very pleasently surprised, because I've read about how painful the injection can be. About 12 hours later I realized why it was said to be such a painful injection. For a solid 24 hours, it felt like someone had used that one area of my arm as a punching bag. Can't wait for round two this week! lol

One last note...Because I care about you guys...If you see a wild animal that appears as though it may be injured or suffering from a disease or virus like Rabies, first, take a step back and contact your local Wildlife Center (closest to Jefferson County is the Blue Ridge Wildlife Center-they're awesome). Let them guide you in what you should do. Their guidence can be crucial for your safety and the animal's wellbeing. ALWAYS make this your first step, because if you get bitten by a rabid animal, you have to get a series of five shots AFTER the series of three shots. That's a total of eight shots that all make you feel like a muscley, 300 lb. man used your upper arm as a punching bag. Not to mention, the post-exposure injections that will save your life will also cost you almost $20,000. So be smart!!

First preventative injection down! Two to go. Watch out all you little cute rabies vectors, I'm coming to help rehabilitate you!<3








Our favorite time of the year is right around the corner...fall! Pumpkin spice everything, jeans, boots, sweaters, scarves...and at Tiptoe it means we are sliding right into our super-busy season. Not only is this a hugely popular season for weddings and school portraits, but we get crazy busy booking family sessions because with the cooler weather coming on, we are all reminded that Christmas is around the corner. And what do we all need around Christmas time? Christmas cards (we got ya covered!) and Christmas presents (check!) !

Once more this year we are rolling out our Session CD Super Sale. Hold a session between October 1st and 11th and you can purchase your session CD with full-resolution images for $500 instead of our regular $1300! That is a savings of $800 guys! Our regular session CD option will never be cheaper so do not miss out on this opportunity!

Again, this is our busiest time of the year so if you would like to take advantage of this awesome deal, call or email now to book your session for the dates of October 1st-11th! Check out the details below:

october special 2015


I was recently given the privilege of helping the Isenhart Family welcome their newest addition, and boy is he a cutie! Brace yourself ladies, he is sure to be a little heart breaker... or a handsome little hunter.  😉 BI2 BI5BW BI1

Congratulations, to Katie and Brandon on their handsome little bundle of joy.  You have a beautiful family!