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I wanted to give a quick teaser for a beautiful couple! Not only are these 2 gorgeous but they are also the kindest and most delightful couple ever! They had a perfect wedding set at Cacapon State Park in Berkeley Springs, WV.  The trees were at their peak of color! Gahhh!! I love it! Check them out!

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I don't know if my old age is getting to me, or maybe that everything changes when you have kids of your own,  but I am having a really hard time believing (probably not quite as hard of a time as his momma 🙂 )  that Will is a senior.  Ahhhh! I mean how many years have I been married? Like 8 years?  And from the time little Will was the ring bearer in my wedding till now seems like it has gone by in a flash! Literally, I blinked and Will has turned into this 6'3 man.  Will has always been one of my favorite guys, from 8 year old Will showing me all his animals in his room to 18 year old Will showing me all his animals at the barn (and teaching me a thing or 2 about the chickens, lol.) He has always been the most personable, handsome, kind, intelligent, and outstanding kid I know.  (Way to go mom and dad, you should be so proud!!) He just excels in everything he tries, and makes it fun for everyone around him. (Even if it is a game of Mao, where I am ready to quit because I have no idea what the heck is going on... Yes, Will is probably the only one who can make me stay in the game. )  Also I have never met such a caring guy, whether he's playing with my Olivia, or helping me out on a night where I just really wanted something off the menu at Sheetz, or even helping a friend who just needed some ice cream (.... Erica) His devotion to people (and his animals) is so obvious and amazing... I mean seriously who can ask for more than that in your kid!

So Mr. Will Shultz ... I can't wait to see what you will do with this life. You are an amazing man and have one of the strongest characters I know.  The world is waiting on you!! (... and there go my tears.)  Enjoy!! shultz1 shultz2 shultz3 shultz4 shultz5 shultz6 shultz7


PS - Here is little Will at the wedding! AWWWW!!!


Oh let me just ask how cute is baby Oliver! Geesh!! He is probably one of the most pleasant babies to be around, never once did he fuss, get mad, or do anything but smile and make faces at us! Although his parents say he is like a baby tornado at home! ( I may not believe them... LOL)

Becca and Freddy are some of my favorite Tiptoe people, they are like a comedy act, and have me cracking up every time! I have photographed their beautiful daughter Delaney, they had their wedding with us, their gender reveal, Oliver's newborn pics and now his one year! I love watching their family grow with Tiptoe!! 🙂 It's pretty amazing to be there for all these HUGE events in their lives!  Can't wait to meet baby "Jan" soon!!! (There is a big funny story about new babies nickname that of course had me cracking up... ask them about it!)

Check out baby Oliver in his newborn Harry Potter theme then all grown up with it again!! SOOOOO cute!! I just love him!!

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I absolutely love this time of year. Yes, I am that stereotypical girl who really digs sweaters, layers, boots, scarves and pumpkin spice lattes in front of a fire! I am that person who puts away her summer clothes in September and drags out the flannel! Why can't October come around more than once a year?

My other favorite part about the tail end of the year are all the great holidays! Halloween, Thanksgiving, it! At Tiptoe these holidays give us a reason to celebrate and give our clients the opportunity to enjoy some really great savings!

First up... Halloween! This coming Friday, October 23rd is Downtown Charles Town's Annual Trick or Treat and we sincerely hope you will join us! In addition to passing out candy, we will doing Tiptoe Teeny Tiny Sessions! Bring your little one  in their costume and get their picture taken; these packages start at just $20!

Halloween 2015

Winter is coming... and Christmas is right around the corner! We will be holding our Annual Christmas Tiny Sessions at Town and Country Nursery's Christmas Tree Farm again this year! This is the perfect opportunity for holiday gifts and Christmas cards. These slots are limited and fill up quickly so call or email today to reserve your time!

xmas tiny session 2015

We certainly hope to see you this season at Tiptoe Studios! We will also be throwing a few surprises into the mix in early December, so keep an eye on your email and Facebook for updates and exciting offers! Also, just a reminder that December 5th is the deadline for regular sessions in order to have prints guaranteed to arrive for Christmas. Don't wait, give us a ring now!

Happy Fall, ya'll!


So I wanted to give a quick teaser of one of my favorites from the day to this beautiful couple! Matt and Louellen are just the sweetest people EVER.  They just have that natural ability to make everyone feel like a best friend! What an amazing trait to have, right!   And their wedding was SO PERFECT! It was a 10 am wedding ceremony which we have only had a hand full of times in our Tiptoe careers! They married at the Lowe farm in Shepherdstown, which was absolutely amazing and picturesque!  The weather was great, it couldn't have been a more amazing day! I am so happy they chose us to capture their day! They make a perfect Tiptoe couple! I hope you all love this shot! Enjoy!web1

This past Sunday I finally had the pleasure of getting a very special group of people in front of my camera! I actually went to school with Adam and Suzanna (waaaaayyyy back in the day, lol!) but it wasn't until a few years ago, when our sons went to Wee Disciples, together that we really connected. The boys became fast friends and as soon as our daughters met, it was 2 for 2! Needless to say, Suze, Adam and their family soon became some of our closest friends!

Our kids honestly play together just like siblings and it even becomes a little bit difficult to tell all of these blond haired, blue eyed children apart at times! We have gotten to share lots of fun experiences together from rainy, 8am soccer games and two and a half hour long little league baseball games to (crowded!) visits to the pumpkin patch and even an awesome beach vacation. We love the time we get to spend together and since everyone has a companion, it makes it even more enjoyable! (Well, except for Paige, the youngest Brady; I wasn't willing to add a little Showen counterpart for her to become best friends with; Instead I just love on her any chance I get!)

So, after bribing everyone with candy, we set off and got a few shots! Enjoy these few teasers from their session!


An adorable outtake: (I think this is a strong contender for the Christmas card, Adam & Suze!)


And the actual shot I was going for:




I had the pleasure of taking pictures of this gorgeous soon to be momma.  I mean doesn't she just look AMAZING!  Chasity and Monte are high school sweethearts!  We did their engagement photos and shot their wedding a couple years ago, and were so excited to hear they were expecting.  I can't wait until their little guy gets here in a couple weeks.  Enjoy!

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So if you are a close friend of mine... you know what a sucker I am for IKEA. All those IDEAS, all those PROJECTS.... I love it. Although often times I go there stock up on everything I need for 30 different projects and come home and do 2 of them! So this year I tried to pull that back and concentrate on 3 projects TOPS for my trip.

So this post is for any of our followers who have never been to IKEA before, I wanted to give you a couple of our favorite Tiptoe tricks, tips and to do's while you are there! IMG_8491

1st- Know what you need- I would suggest concentrating on a certain room in your house or 1-2 projects because you will go there and want to try everything! Start with the catalog and make a list!  Also a good tip is to have all your "stuff" measured out before you get there, so you don't have to call your husband 50 times to have him measure for you (mine always gets pretty annoyed with me, LOL). Here's my catalog and notebook!! IMG_8469 IMG_8470

2nd- If you have to bring your young kids, it's OK!! They have child care!  But keep in mind it is only for 1 hour at a time, and it depends on how busy they are that day! So Olivia and Tre have both accompanied me there, so I always take them through the showroom and to lunch with me and drop them off at childcare during my time in the marketplace (when I need to be able to concentrate, lol )

3rd- Schedule- So if you are a first timer I would allot yourself a good 4 hours to get through it all!  Here is the way me and my girlfriends always do it! 1. Bathroom- go ahead, you don't want to get half way through the maze and have to go!! 2. Showroom- where you get to see lots of rooms already put together, and draw inspiration from them. If you see items you like there write down the item name and location in the marketplace, so you can find it! Tip: there is also an app now that helps you locate items in the Marketplace.  There are only a few items there that you can actually put in your cart in the showroom. 3. YUMMY lunch at the IKEA cafeteria.  I usually add the caprese salad, TRY IT, yummy! 4. Marketplace- where I fill my cart! You wind your way through all the different sections from kitchen, bathroom, office, closet, fabric, lighting and finally the warehouse where you get the larger items and furniture. 5. Checkout- pretty self explanatory, don't forget to get some swedish fish!! LOL! So comical!  And go ahead and buy that .99$ bag for your items, you will find so many home uses for it too!! 6. Frozen yogurt - yes there is a little counter where you can buy some before you leave for 1$!!! IMG_8453 IMG_8455 IMG_8456 IMG_8460 IMG_8463 IMG_8471 IMG_8480 IMG_8481 IMG_8482 IMG_8483 IMG_8485

4th- Wear comfy shoes- This is pretty obvious too! But you walk a lot. Also their carts are FUN and take a little getting used to! My biggest tip is to try to keep your body behind the cart when you are walking!

Check out this video on the carts!! LOL!!



5th- Bring a BIG car- LOL... This is always something we do! Because we all say we are going in there for a couple things and come out with 20!! LOL!


Some of our fun pics from our last trip there! I hope you all enjoyed! And let me know if you are planning a trip soon! I may NEED to go with you! LOL!






This little guy was such a joy to photograph.  He wasn't into it at first, but quickly warmed up to me.  He loved sticking his tongue out and was all smiles when it was time for cake.  The amazing, It's A Piece of Cake! made his smash cake and if you know me then you know that I get ALL my cakes from her. Hands down the best around!!  I highly recommend.  Anyways, enjoy a few teasers from his session.

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