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So to any of our Tiptoe people who are local know that we just got hit with the biggest SNOWMAGGEDON we have seen in quite some time! While many people around here are all upset about being stuck inside, I live for days like today where everything is beautiful and white outside, it's not windy, it's fairly warm, and has just the perfect even lighting there is. So my poor Olivia realllllllyyyyyy didn't want to go outside for pictures but I traded her letting me take some pictures of her for an ice cream sandwich!  I WIN!! WOOO HOO!!  Enjoy some of our snow day fun!! snow-2 snow-7 snow-8 snow-11 snow-16


Since we are right in the midst of wedding booking season, we thought it would be fun to have a special wedding-booking-promotion! So, here it is!

Wedding drawing 2016

It is super easy to be eligible for this drawing! Our requirements:

  1. You are getting married
  2. You are getting married anytime in the year 2016
  3. You realize that no wedding compares to a Tiptoe Wedding and you immediately book us for your big day 😉
  4. You pay your deposit, amount determined by the wedding collection you choose
  5. Your deposit is paid to us within the months of January or February
  6. That is all...

See how easy and painless it is? Everyone who books their Tiptoe Wedding in the months of January and February will be entered to win 1 Grand Prize of 20% off of your chosen wedding collection (Elopement, Brilliance, Opulence Collections). Our winner will be randomly selected on March 1st, 2016.

What are you waiting for? Book your wedding consultation now!


Hey all!! It's that time of year! Where a couple of the Tiptoe girls will be running in our undies to raise a BUNCH of money for one of our special kids! So as a kickstart to our fundraising, I am auctioning off a Tiptoe Gift Certificate for $150. Just call, email, or message us your top bid and whoever has the highest bid on January 20th at 10pm... WINS! I will keep you posted via social media what the bid is up to!

Also if you aren't needing the gift certificate and just want to be a gracious donor here is a link to my donations page! Just 5$ makes a world of difference to me!! Lisa's  Cupids page! 

cupids undie run donation flyer




Check out highlights from last years run here!

For those of you who made a New Year's resolution to learn how to use your fancy camera... We are excited to announce that we will be hosting the first workshop in our Tiptoe Teaches series, this January 24th at 9am! This "Know Thy Camera" class teaches the very basics of photography and explains how to shoot in the Tiptoe style. Book before January 15th and receive 10% off the price of the class!

PhotographyWorkshopFlyerJan 24 2016

Helllllllooooo everyone! We at Tiptoe Studios hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Year! We took a nice long break but we are back and ready to jump right into 2016!

I don't know about you, but right after the Christmas and New Year holidays, I fall into a funk! The Christmas lights are gone along with that awesome feeling of anticipation for the holiday parties, family time and celebration and we are left with bleak January and February. And to me, January + February = super cold weather and static-y hair. Neither of which I am a fan!

Soooo, we turn our thoughts to the next big holiday to brighten our spirits and it happens to be one of my favorite days of the year... Valentine's Day! I know that a lot of people see it as a fake or "Hallmark" holiday but pictures for V-Day are some of my favorites because they are so darn cute! (or super sexy if you plan to go that route, this year!) 😉 I mean take a look at these pics of Olivia and Gabe from last year:

7 9 11 13

I mean, seriously!? How freakin' cute is that? And yes, we shamelessly dress our kids up and use them for advertising! We have plans to do it again this year, so stay tuned!

Anywho...let's get on to the part where I tell you about this year's upcoming Valentine's Day specials! We have a few to satisfy every Valentine's Day need! The first up is our annual boudoir special...


We are booking these right now and will continue to do so up until February 1st...plenty of time to get that session album on time for the big day! Ladies, give him what her really wants this year!

For our families and couples, we have a promotion for you as well! Check it out below:

V-Day Couples 2016 V-Day Families 2016

So, break out your best pink, red and white outfits and give us a call or shoot us an email to book one of these awesome sessions!  We can't wait to see you!