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Some of my favorite clients brought their BRAND, spanking new baby BOY, to see me for his newborn shoot!  Baby August, previously known as Jan baby lol, (because Becca and Freddy didn't find out the sex of baby prior to his birth) was just 3 days fresh at his big modeling shoot,  just the way we love them!  He's so stinking cute and lovable, just like his brother and sister!! I really do love this family and how they can light up a room. Not to mention Becca and Freddy are probably the funniest people I know, I am seriously in hysterics the whole time! I included one of their outtakes! LOVE THEM!

gratz1 gratz2 gratz3 gratz4 gratz5 outtake2

Every year, there's this group of people who collectively express their enmity for February 14th. Some of them just outright hate this day simply because they don't have a significant other to share it with. They just get in this bad mood and they let it be known to the world.  Others, however, shut themselves away with a gallon of ice cream in one arm and a box of tissues in the other.  Adele plays in the background while 'The Notebook' is set to re-run on TV. They turn into a big ol' sob bucket for a day and mope around all because no one loves them like Noah loves Allie.

Now, if you're having difficulty identifying whether you're being a V-Day downer or not, here are a couple signs to determine where to place yourself in this discussion...

You're status updates say something to the effect of, "Ugh!! This is such a stupid holiday.  THIS girl don't need a man in order to be happy.  V-Day's such a joke!"


"I can't even go to the store without seeing hearts and chocolates and all the cute things that no one will be getting me for Valentine's Day....I guess I'll just stay home by myself.  Hopefully 'The Notebook' is on TV. I need a good cry."

Alright, LOOK HERE YOU..... Firstly, you're taking a dump on everyone else's Valentine's Day, so stop.  Don't take away a smile on someone else's face just because you decided not to have one on yours.

Here's why you should have a smile on your face though...

  1. 'Walking Dead' comes back on Sunday night.
  2. You have an excuse to make/buy goodies and eat them!
  3. Because you deserve it - Don't tell me you can be so easily a date on the calendar!?  Don't make yourself miserable over it.  It's supposed to be fun and just because you don't have a 'special someone' at the moment doesn't mean you're excluded from the party.
  4. Because life is easier when you make the best of it - Even if you can't see it now, there IS a positive side to every situation.  You might not realize it for years to come, but it's there, I promise. So on Valentine's Day, shut up and make the best of it.
  5. There's enough negativity in the world already - Pleeease don't add to it.  The less, the better.
  6. Lastly, there is ALWAYS someone, something that is in need of love - So spread the good feelings and in turn, it might just brighten your own day. Win-win.

A lot of the time, Valentine's Day is thought to exist solely for the pleasure of those who have husbands, wives, boyfriends, or girlfriends. But there is so much more to it!!  Love isn't restricted to a partner.  Here's some ways to enjoy yourself and let the good feelings flow on Valentine's Day (with, or without a partner).

  1. Spend the day making crafts and baking V-Day cookies with your little one. Decorate one for eachother and chow down while you watch your favorite movies together.
  2. No kiddies? Maybe fur babies are the center of your life...Bake homemade treats for the fluff balls. Do things together that you both enjoy. An outdoor stroll, fetch, a trip to the petstore for a new plaything or a rawhide of choice. Please don't do those things with your cat though... I would suggest inviting them on your lap while you sip tea and read that book that you've been meaning to break out. Afterwards, maybe get real crazy and break into the catnip.
  3. Can't get enough of the outdoors?  Take a day trip to a place you've never been before.  Then, treat yourself to that restaurant you've been eyeing for the past year and end the day with a glass of wine.
  4. Create something, just to create.  Treat yourself to some new art supplies and a bottle of the good stuff. Let the creativity flow.
  5. Bring your co-workers a couple dozen Valentine's Day donuts or have a bake day and surprise them with cookies on Monday.
  6. Adopt a furry friend. There's always a bundle of fluffy love out there in need of a good home.
  7. Give a homeless guy breakfast and a blanket.
  8. Put more gas on your pump than you can put in your car. Let the next person have whatever's left.
  9. Spend the day making your neighbors little gift baskets and leave it at their door for when they get home.
  10. Make cupcakes. Eat all of them.

Y'all get the point. Spend your day doing something you love, being with someone/something you love, or just showing love.  Enjoy life and all it's given you. And honestly, don't just apply this to your Valentine's Day, apply it to any day. With that being said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!<3



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It is almost Valentine's Day. One of my FAVORITE holidays, and to keep up with tradition, Tara and I dressed up our little ones and MADE them do a "couples" shoot.  Yes... we just pimp our kids out like this every year. We swear one day we will be sitting at their wedding, and these pictures will be the most adorable thing EVER!  But until then...

Each year it gets a little harder, the kids get a little older, and the days leading up to the shoot we really have to bribe them to do it for us!  I'm really wondering if next year, they will put their foot down and just tell us NO!  Even though once the shoot actually starts they have a BLAST with each other. Like seriously, it's a play date! And OH MY GOSH give them a fake flask and a pair of sunglasses and our kids turned into little actors! Pursed lips, rock and roll signs and even the whip and nae name!  I love these 2 ... They are such balances of each other, Liv is an ambitious and assertive girl, and Gabe is the laid back, go with the flow boy!

I just love these little humans! And I hope you all love their little shoot! Happy Valentine's Day (a couple days early.... if I would've  waited, I seriously might have combusted) Livgabe-7 Livgabe-15 Livgabe-16 Livgabe-31 Livgabe-33 Livgabe-45 Livgabe-56 Livgabe-70 Livgabe-75 Livgabe-82 Livgabe-87 Livgabe-91 Livgabe-95 Livgabe-100 Livgabe-110 Livgabe-113 Livgabe-122 Livgabe-125 Livgabe-139 Livgabe-153 Livgabe-159