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I'm sure you have seen this adorable little girl featured on our blog before.  I have been photographing Kennedy since she was two. We have come a LONG way!  We no longer have to bribe her with candy or threaten her that she won't get her toes done or go to the pool.  She comes in with her game face on and just rocks it out... I think I'm slowly growing on her..haha.  I just absolutely adore her and she makes me so proud!  Enjoy some teasers from her session.

Teaser1 Teaser2 Teaser3 Teaser4 Teaser5 Teaser6


Hey guys! Just wanted to do a quick teaser for Gabi, since her ordering session is tomorrow! I think I have found a new favorite place to take my clients looking for field pictures! Ahhh! I am so in love with these images! I mean it didn't hurt that my subject is absolutely breathtaking too!  No wonder a couple times during her shoot people were literally copying us taking pictures, pose and backdrop,  while we were standing right there! #flattered

Anyway, enjoy Gabi, these 2 are my faves!

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So I had the honor of shooting one of my FIRST clients engagement sessions recently! Geez does this mean I am old?? She wasn't even a senior in high school for her first shoot with me and now she's getting married! (I can't even explain how happy this makes me, TRUE TIPTOE DEVOTION, *tears*)  I love this girl and am soooooo incredibly happy she has met her mate. These 2 are the best together- equally funny, quirky, and spirited!  I just love them!  So I wanted to give them some Tiptoe TEASERS!! Enjoy y'all and I can't wait for October!

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