Boys to Men {tiptoe teaser}

I don't know if my old age is getting to me, or maybe that everything changes when you have kids of your own,  but I am having a really hard time believing (probably not quite as hard of a time as his momma 🙂 )  that Will is a senior.  Ahhhh! I mean how many years have I been married? Like 8 years?  And from the time little Will was the ring bearer in my wedding till now seems like it has gone by in a flash! Literally, I blinked and Will has turned into this 6'3 man.  Will has always been one of my favorite guys, from 8 year old Will showing me all his animals in his room to 18 year old Will showing me all his animals at the barn (and teaching me a thing or 2 about the chickens, lol.) He has always been the most personable, handsome, kind, intelligent, and outstanding kid I know.  (Way to go mom and dad, you should be so proud!!) He just excels in everything he tries, and makes it fun for everyone around him. (Even if it is a game of Mao, where I am ready to quit because I have no idea what the heck is going on... Yes, Will is probably the only one who can make me stay in the game. )  Also I have never met such a caring guy, whether he's playing with my Olivia, or helping me out on a night where I just really wanted something off the menu at Sheetz, or even helping a friend who just needed some ice cream (.... Erica) His devotion to people (and his animals) is so obvious and amazing... I mean seriously who can ask for more than that in your kid!

So Mr. Will Shultz ... I can't wait to see what you will do with this life. You are an amazing man and have one of the strongest characters I know.  The world is waiting on you!! (... and there go my tears.)  Enjoy!! shultz1 shultz2 shultz3 shultz4 shultz5 shultz6 shultz7


PS - Here is little Will at the wedding! AWWWW!!!


One thought on “Boys to Men {tiptoe teaser}

  1. Brandi

    Oh Lisa you did us proud! Will's pictures are wonderful. As a Mom who hopes she is raising a kind, strong, caring, young man it's so nice to hear those things from others. We might actually be doing some of this parenting stuff right! We are so proud of Will and proud to know that others see him as we do. Thanks for being his personal photographer and friend! Well done!


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