Spontaneously Combusting!!

It is almost Valentine's Day. One of my FAVORITE holidays, and to keep up with tradition, Tara and I dressed up our little ones and MADE them do a "couples" shoot.  Yes... we just pimp our kids out like this every year. We swear one day we will be sitting at their wedding, and these pictures will be the most adorable thing EVER!  But until then...

Each year it gets a little harder, the kids get a little older, and the days leading up to the shoot we really have to bribe them to do it for us!  I'm really wondering if next year, they will put their foot down and just tell us NO!  Even though once the shoot actually starts they have a BLAST with each other. Like seriously, it's a play date! And OH MY GOSH give them a fake flask and a pair of sunglasses and our kids turned into little actors! Pursed lips, rock and roll signs and even the whip and nae name!  I love these 2 ... They are such balances of each other, Liv is an ambitious and assertive girl, and Gabe is the laid back, go with the flow boy!

I just love these little humans! And I hope you all love their little shoot! Happy Valentine's Day (a couple days early.... if I would've  waited, I seriously might have combusted) Livgabe-7 Livgabe-15 Livgabe-16 Livgabe-31 Livgabe-33 Livgabe-45 Livgabe-56 Livgabe-70 Livgabe-75 Livgabe-82 Livgabe-87 Livgabe-91 Livgabe-95 Livgabe-100 Livgabe-110 Livgabe-113 Livgabe-122 Livgabe-125 Livgabe-139 Livgabe-153 Livgabe-159

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