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This couple!! Oh geez, they were so wonderful! Tiptoe was there to capture their wedding a couple years ago and now they are expecting their first baby!! Yahhhhhh!! #lifetimephotographers  So we were prepping for their maternity shoot and we had decided that Harpers Ferry would be the perfect backdrop for what we wanted to accomplish BUTTTTTT, things don't always go as planned! We both arrived to downtown Harpers Ferry to find that there were literally 30,000 people doing touristy things, which makes it hard to have a nice open shot... ANDDDD  the whole road where we normally park was blocked off! AHHHHH! So by the grace of God, we were able to find a parking spot all the way at the end of the road leading to downtown, and we took it! Now the adventure began and I loved that Jeremy pushed us (the girls)  further than we may have ventured ourselves through the woods and across the railroad tracks. After a couple "history" lessons, which may or may not have been true (LOL), we found ourselves all the way down to the river for some gorgeous shots! Gahhh!! So big hugs to them for taking me on new adventures, and BIGGER hugs to Amanda for rolling with it, being all preggos !! #lovethiscouple #can'twaittomeetbabygirl Enjoy these Tiptoe Teasers!

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How super exciting when one of our Tiptoe couples are expecting! Jenniffer and Scott were married about a year and a half ago (a gorgeous Tiptoe wedding at the Bowling Green Country Club) and are expecting a little girl in just a couple weeks! Doesn't Jenniffer look stinking amazing!  I wish I looked as good as her when I was 3 weeks away from baby Tre's due date, which would have been almost impossible with my 10 and a half pound baby! I can't wait for the newborn session and to get to meet her brand new baby girl!  ...aaaand see what baby girls name is going to be. Wink wink*swisher maternity-37 swisher maternity-41