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Hi Ya'll!

New year, new exciting things happening at Tiptoe Studios! Let me just start by saying that we love, love, LOVE a newborn session! For us ladies, there is nothing better than cuddling with a brand new little girl or boy; that new baby smell, the adorable little sounds and perfect little baby face make us fall in love with each and every Tiptoe baby we meet!

We are super excited to introduce our new promotion for maternity, birthDAY and newborn sessions! Because these sessions absolutely go hand in hand, why not save a little money? Now, whenever you book two or more of these 3 sessions, you have the opportunity to save BIG! Mix and match maternity and newborn, maternity and birthDAY, birthDAY and newborn...the combo is completely up to you! Or book all 3 for even bigger savings!

So, if you are expecting, give us a ring or shoot us an email to book! Let us love on your little munchkin for a bit...we promise to give them back! 😉

Well anyone that is my friend personally on FB, you may have saw the unfortunate "crap"  that happened on my way into the studio for my baby Evelyn's newborn shoot, BUTTTTT I wouldn't change this day for anything! Evelyn is my new baby "niece" (my cousins baby) and oh my gosh I love her so!!! She reminds me of a baby Keri Jackson, eyes, nose, birthmark and all! (Sorry Ian) I can't even take it!  She had such big smiles for me, (probably because she knew I was having such an awful day, or maybe she was laughing as hard as Mom and Dad were at the unfortunate incident.) Either way here is one of my favorite gummy smiles of the day! logo1

I had such a wonderful time photographing baby Hadley. She is baby number 3 for one of our favorite families! And the FIRST baby girl! Hadley is so lucky to have 2 big brothers who love her so much.... Well at least biggest brother does, Landon was so kind and gentle and sweet, showering her in his big bro kisses! I can't even take it!! All the while little brother was really into hims trucks, lol!! Which of course is way cooler for him than a little sister! DUH!   Enjoy some of my faves from their shoot!

collagemartin martin8 martin20 martin34 meet martin7

Some of my favorite clients brought their BRAND, spanking new baby BOY, to see me for his newborn shoot!  Baby August, previously known as Jan baby lol, (because Becca and Freddy didn't find out the sex of baby prior to his birth) was just 3 days fresh at his big modeling shoot,  just the way we love them!  He's so stinking cute and lovable, just like his brother and sister!! I really do love this family and how they can light up a room. Not to mention Becca and Freddy are probably the funniest people I know, I am seriously in hysterics the whole time! I included one of their outtakes! LOVE THEM!

gratz1 gratz2 gratz3 gratz4 gratz5 outtake2

I was recently given the privilege of helping the Isenhart Family welcome their newest addition, and boy is he a cutie! Brace yourself ladies, he is sure to be a little heart breaker... or a handsome little hunter.  😉 BI2 BI5BW BI1

Congratulations, to Katie and Brandon on their handsome little bundle of joy.  You have a beautiful family!



Ironically, I met the Mother of this precious baby boy for the very first time in Riviera Maya, Mexico almost a year ago.   This world we live in, really is a small world...and I am so grateful!  I am so blessed to have met Dana, and her husband Ben, who have allowed me the privilege of photographing their first born child.

Life is full of many blessings, and the Ashlock family has one more to count each day... Congratulations, Dana & Ben!


This was such an amazing newborn session! Mom called us straight away...like from the hospital, straight away (YESSSSSSS!!! We love when this happens.) We got them in for their shoot right away! Baby Cameron is only a week old, and so incredibly BEAUTIFUL!  Just look at this princess... Just PERFECT! logo1

logo1We were so lucky to get to meet such a handsome little man, Braylon def stole our hearts! We have had the privilege of photographing his mom and dad's engagement session, wedding, maternity and now him, their first child! It makes being a photographer so very special, when all these important life moments were captured by us!

A little story about this shoot! We are always a little timid when first time parents bring their very new, very fresh, very precious babies to us because being first time moms, you know you are super over protective and worried about everything, things you have never even thought of before (like do I need to lock the car when I get out and walk around to the other side to get the baby out... I wouldn't want anyone to jump in and take him, paranoid mommas, like me!!!) and lets be honest the visit to Tiptoe is one of the first outings that you and baby have.

So, in comes Braylon, his mom carrying him in his car seat, she looks so well put together, like this whole mommy thing is a breeze!  Then I ask how has her first couple days been? And boy oh boy did I love her answers!   I loved, loved, loved listening to them, because seriously everything she was saying reminded me of my first days at home with my new little Olivia!  She talked about the struggles of being sleep deprived, changing out baby's clothes at least 3 times a day, nursing, what happened during labor, and how Dad has been adjusting (some of these stories, in general, are my favorites, because we know as moms that 8 times out of 10 Dads never get it right...Thank God for our maternal instincts!!) It was great getting to hear all that had happened in this short few days at home, she literally had me in tears with some of her stories. I also loved that Dad was so involved in bringing sentimental items that he loved, seriously it adds such a personal touch, and will be so special when the baby boy follows his dads footsteps.   And lets not forget the ABSOLUTE best part,  getting to hold and snuggle a fresh little baby gives all of us Tiptoe girls just enough of a fix so that we aren't too sad that we are done having little ones (well most of us are done...)  So here is a Tiptoe teaser for the Shultz family! I hope y'all love this little deer!

Also wanted to shout out to our resident knitter Whitney Jenkins for making this adorable hat for us!! She's fabulous!