We LOVED this couple and as sad as it is, I’m so upset their wedding is actually over! I am going to miss them! They are simply perfect for one another, both with equally witty senses of humor and both so, so smart! I learned so much during our times together… We had their engagement shoot in downtown Alexandria and I swear they know EVERYTHING about that city…. (including what pub we needed to go to in the Their wedding day was great even with the light drizzle of rain on and off all day! We made the best of it and went outside anyway! Just another reason to love them so much! I hope that they enjoy these Tiptoe teasers and that their long honeymoon was just as amazing as they are!! Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.!!!

Soooooo we just had an outstanding weekend with 3 Tiptoe weddings!! WHAT 3 weddings in 1 weekend??!! I know!! It is pretty amazing! We all know how much time and preperation goes into getting us ready to shoot 1 wedding and we were able to pull off 3! Well I will just give us a big pat on the back! BUT, the real reason for this post is not to pat us on the back, its to thank and praise our 2nd shooters!  I mean we were able to call on our former Tiptoe gals and they SHOWED up in a big way for us this weekend! We, as the owners of Tiptoe, are so blessed to have such an amazing tribe! I know we say it again and again but once a Tiptoe lady always a Tiptoe lady! So thank you Chasity and Ande for being so capable, impressive, and everything we needed you to be! You all are the BEST!

On a side note because I never would want to leave out a Tiptoe gal, Lindsay we know if you weren't half a world away, we would have been able to call on you and had you right by our side too!! 😉

And let me not finish this post and not have said something equally as amazing about how incredible our Beth is!  She was one of the lead photographers this weekend and we are always impressed by her and her way with people! She IS and has been what Tiptoe embodies, and we couldn't be more proud as Tiptoe parents! LOL!

So thanks all of you all for listening... I am just overly joyed and thankful to be a part of this team, and wanted to share this with all of you, our amazing clients!   #teamtiptoeforever #tiptoetribe #loveus 

And I am pulling out some serious oldies but goodies here! Which is probably the reason I'm being so sentimental! See why pictures are so important?? (*wink, wink*) Remembering the good times!! 

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I absolutely LOVE weddings!  Nothing makes me happier than capturing the TRUE love that a couple shares on their wedding day.  I instantly flash back to my wedding day almost 7 years ago and my heart just about explodes.

I first met Cari-Ann and Paul back in December and we immediately hit it off.  I couldn't wait to start working with them.  The engagement session was great so I knew their wedding day would be AMAZING!

Here are a few TEASERS from their day...and for the first time in weeks the rain held off!


T1 TT6 TT2 TT3 TT4 TT5 TT7 TT8 TT9 TT10

Just wanted to get a couple teasers to some of my favorite people!! Their BIG day was absolutely gorgeous! And we made some extra time during their bride and groom pictures to revisit the spot that we did their engagement pictures! Which made it so unique!!  #rumseymonument #shepherdstown #clarionhotel

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Wedding season is here and we kicked it off with an open house at BVINTAGE today! It was such a blast getting to talk with our incredibly talented locals! I loved all these boss ladies and what each one of them offered! Please Tiptoe brides if you haven't checked out BVINTAGE, WOODEN RUFFLES, MOUNTAINEER POPCORN COMPANY, SUGAR WHIPPED, WEST VIRJENI, AND MAKEUP BY CEEJAE please do so SOON, they had some of the cutest, sweetest, and most delicious things EVER!

Follow this link to see just a couple pictures I snapped today!


Love is in the air! We have invited our local friends in the wedding industry to provide you with a fun day that will get you in the mood for the wedding season. We want to give you a jump start on perfect wedding gifts for the weddings you are attending this summer and also to provide local brides with access to some of the best of what Charles Town has to offer for their big day!

Where: B Vintage 304 W Washington St Charles Town WV 25414

When: April 16th 12pm-3pm

Something a little extra for our Tiptoe brides who are in attendance!!
wedding drawing


B VINTAGE is hosting and they have lots of decor to put a unique and personal touch to your wedding day!

WOODEN RUFFLES will be here to take orders for custom signs that make timeless and thoughtful gifts for the brides and grooms in your lives. She will also be here to take orders for Wedding Day Signature Boards.

MOUNTAINEER POPCORN COMPANY will be providing information about their options for bridal showers, wedding favors and wedding day popcorn bars.

SUGAR WHIPPED will be here providing samples of popular wedding flavors. Sugar Whipped is a local small batch bakery offering all types of wedding desgins for all budgets.


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It is almost Valentine's Day. One of my FAVORITE holidays, and to keep up with tradition, Tara and I dressed up our little ones and MADE them do a "couples" shoot.  Yes... we just pimp our kids out like this every year. We swear one day we will be sitting at their wedding, and these pictures will be the most adorable thing EVER!  But until then...

Each year it gets a little harder, the kids get a little older, and the days leading up to the shoot we really have to bribe them to do it for us!  I'm really wondering if next year, they will put their foot down and just tell us NO!  Even though once the shoot actually starts they have a BLAST with each other. Like seriously, it's a play date! And OH MY GOSH give them a fake flask and a pair of sunglasses and our kids turned into little actors! Pursed lips, rock and roll signs and even the whip and nae name!  I love these 2 ... They are such balances of each other, Liv is an ambitious and assertive girl, and Gabe is the laid back, go with the flow boy!

I just love these little humans! And I hope you all love their little shoot! Happy Valentine's Day (a couple days early.... if I would've  waited, I seriously might have combusted) Livgabe-7 Livgabe-15 Livgabe-16 Livgabe-31 Livgabe-33 Livgabe-45 Livgabe-56 Livgabe-70 Livgabe-75 Livgabe-82 Livgabe-87 Livgabe-91 Livgabe-95 Livgabe-100 Livgabe-110 Livgabe-113 Livgabe-122 Livgabe-125 Livgabe-139 Livgabe-153 Livgabe-159

I love that this career gives me the opportunity to travel all over! I especially love when it allows me to see some of the most spectacular local venues! We really do live in one of the most beautiful places in this country! I recently had the pleasure of photographing this awesome couple at the Hillsborough Vineyard.  From the view, to the sunset, to the decor, to the couple and their family everything was PERFECT and an absolute BLAST! These two are just so in love and laughed the whole time!  They definitely were the life of their party! I love it! Hope you all love your pics as much as I do!

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I wanted to give a quick teaser for a beautiful couple! Not only are these 2 gorgeous but they are also the kindest and most delightful couple ever! They had a perfect wedding set at Cacapon State Park in Berkeley Springs, WV.  The trees were at their peak of color! Gahhh!! I love it! Check them out!

#tiptoewedding #tiptoecouple

hudson1 hudson2 hudson3 hudson4 hudson5 hudson7