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Well anyone that is my friend personally on FB, you may have saw the unfortunate "crap"  that happened on my way into the studio for my baby Evelyn's newborn shoot, BUTTTTT I wouldn't change this day for anything! Evelyn is my new baby "niece" (my cousins baby) and oh my gosh I love her so!!! She reminds me of a baby Keri Jackson, eyes, nose, birthmark and all! (Sorry Ian) I can't even take it!  She had such big smiles for me, (probably because she knew I was having such an awful day, or maybe she was laughing as hard as Mom and Dad were at the unfortunate incident.) Either way here is one of my favorite gummy smiles of the day! logo1

I am so happy to share Nick's senior session with you all!! I met him several years ago through our local 4-H (my Olivia is a clover bud with the Yahoo Buckaroos) He's such a great kid and we had so much fun exchanging stories about our lab "puppies" and I learned a ton about hockey and our local teams! Our session was so relaxed and fun and he was great at taking my crazy directions!! I hope you all enjoy!

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Trumpet Vine Farm Engagement Shoot| Stephens City, VA

I love shooting at new locations,  it's nice to have something different and FRESH and this location was just perfect.  Gina and Jason are absolutely amazing! They are so easy to talk to and laugh with and boy did we laugh, A LOT!  I'm already looking forward to their wedding next year. The day didn't go as planned and a couple things may have gotten broken or left at home, but it will make for a great story.  Here are just a couple of my favorites and an outtake with a quote from Jason. ENJOY!

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 "Open your legs and let me get in there"- Jason