Hi Ya'll!

New year, new exciting things happening at Tiptoe Studios! Let me just start by saying that we love, love, LOVE a newborn session! For us ladies, there is nothing better than cuddling with a brand new little girl or boy; that new baby smell, the adorable little sounds and perfect little baby face make us fall in love with each and every Tiptoe baby we meet!

We are super excited to introduce our new promotion for maternity, birthDAY and newborn sessions! Because these sessions absolutely go hand in hand, why not save a little money? Now, whenever you book two or more of these 3 sessions, you have the opportunity to save BIG! Mix and match maternity and newborn, maternity and birthDAY, birthDAY and newborn...the combo is completely up to you! Or book all 3 for even bigger savings!

So, if you are expecting, give us a ring or shoot us an email to book! Let us love on your little munchkin for a bit...we promise to give them back! 😉

Words can't even describe how much I love these littles!! (and their amazing momma!!) And even though we only had a mini session this day, we definitely had the BEST time! I don't even know the last time I laughed quite as hard as I did during the time baby Brinkley was giving me her faces, besides perhaps the time she was giving a similar face during our joint yard sale! (Listen guys, you may have had to be there, it's a long story, LOL) She had her brother, sister and mom in hysterics too, so at least I wasn't the only one! I did end up catching some natural smiles through the laughs, which is the BEST!  Please enjoy these teasers!

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I had such a wonderful time photographing baby Hadley. She is baby number 3 for one of our favorite families! And the FIRST baby girl! Hadley is so lucky to have 2 big brothers who love her so much.... Well at least biggest brother does, Landon was so kind and gentle and sweet, showering her in his big bro kisses! I can't even take it!! All the while little brother was really into hims trucks, lol!! Which of course is way cooler for him than a little sister! DUH!   Enjoy some of my faves from their shoot!

collagemartin martin8 martin20 martin34 meet martin7

Some of my favorite clients brought their BRAND, spanking new baby BOY, to see me for his newborn shoot!  Baby August, previously known as Jan baby lol, (because Becca and Freddy didn't find out the sex of baby prior to his birth) was just 3 days fresh at his big modeling shoot,  just the way we love them!  He's so stinking cute and lovable, just like his brother and sister!! I really do love this family and how they can light up a room. Not to mention Becca and Freddy are probably the funniest people I know, I am seriously in hysterics the whole time! I included one of their outtakes! LOVE THEM!

gratz1 gratz2 gratz3 gratz4 gratz5 outtake2

This past Sunday I finally had the pleasure of getting a very special group of people in front of my camera! I actually went to school with Adam and Suzanna (waaaaayyyy back in the day, lol!) but it wasn't until a few years ago, when our sons went to Wee Disciples, together that we really connected. The boys became fast friends and as soon as our daughters met, it was 2 for 2! Needless to say, Suze, Adam and their family soon became some of our closest friends!

Our kids honestly play together just like siblings and it even becomes a little bit difficult to tell all of these blond haired, blue eyed children apart at times! We have gotten to share lots of fun experiences together from rainy, 8am soccer games and two and a half hour long little league baseball games to (crowded!) visits to the pumpkin patch and even an awesome beach vacation. We love the time we get to spend together and since everyone has a companion, it makes it even more enjoyable! (Well, except for Paige, the youngest Brady; I wasn't willing to add a little Showen counterpart for her to become best friends with; Instead I just love on her any chance I get!)

So, after bribing everyone with candy, we set off and got a few shots! Enjoy these few teasers from their session!


An adorable outtake: (I think this is a strong contender for the Christmas card, Adam & Suze!)


And the actual shot I was going for:




One of my favorite families came in for a family/first birthday shoot this week. And boy oh boy did I fall in love with these pics!  They definitely show this fams personality!  These girls love everything country, from their little farm with their cows, to their pony, and of course those styling cowgirl boots.  Gahhh!! I love it!

So for the first birthday portion of the shoot mom and I had gotten our ideas together and had some props that we wanted to incorporate into the shoot, but little miss Sage wasn't having all that. As soon as those little bare feet hit the gravel, she was all about it! And I love that Mom embraced it for what it was, and let her little girl get just as messy as she wanted because after all that is who she is!!

Here are some of my faves from the day! Enjoy guys!!

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