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The Cupids Undie Run is one of our favorite charity events that we have done over the past several years. So let me give you a quick rundown of what it's about and why we are so involved. One of our long time clients and best friends daughter, Khloe, was diagnosed with NF at the age of 4. Neurofibromatosis is a set of complex genetic disorders that affects almost every organ system, causing a predisposition for tumors to grow on nerves in the brain and throughout the body. Khloe currently has MRIs every 3 months to keep close watch on her tumors. This girl is a ROCKSTAR. She goes through way more than any Kindergartener should EVER have to and she does it with a smile.
This is THE reason we relentlessly beg for donations for months and months leading up to the run. I am very proud to say that our team, The Bean Team, raised $8685 and well beat our goal of $5000! This was all through tons of big and little donations from all of you! WOW, how amazing!! And the great thing about this event is that 100% of the profits go straight to the Childrens Tumor Foundation, so we are super confident that we are working for the cure to this disease.
Now it is run day... And we keep hearing that the weather is going to be far colder/windier than the years past, and does this scare us a bit? Ummm yes, but because the run is only a little over a mile around the Capitol in DC the run administrators are confident that it takes 30 minutes for frostbite or hypothermia to set in and we all should be fine! I mean having the chance to run the streets of DC in your skivvies is like a once in a lifetime opportunity! It was going to happen either way!

So I wanted to add some pictures of our fabulous day and thank everyone who donated to the Bean Team. The Bean Team has BIG fundraising plans this year, so be on the lookout! And also if you have some time go to and to learn more! It's all about raising awareness!

This is our BEAN.. Khloe!
This is our BEAN.. Khloe!

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I was browsing Facebook the other day during my spare time when I came across a link one of my 'Facebook friends' posted on her timeline about the "fake photographer epidemic".

The column was definitely, in a way, humorous.  It made a few good points about what a photographer ISN'T, but it never said what a photographer really IS.  It got me thinking about what makes a photographer a "photographer".

1. Photographers immerse themselves in their profession.

At Tiptoe, every one of us is constantly on the lookout for inspiring places, objects, and ideas. We get this image in our head and we work to create it in real life.  It's one thing to have the creativity and imagination to shape that image, but it's another thing to actually be able to make it happen and make it look good.  Aside from making this pioneering image come to life, we have to make it all about you (that's the fun part!)  And from there on, it's an endless cycle. Our lives revolve around creating the perfect photo.

2. Photographers constantly improve.

Like any other professional field, there is ALWAYS room to advance in the photography field! Whether they are skilled in landscape, editorial, or wedding photography, they should always be inventing new techniques and exploring and experimenting with new ideas.  As long as the creativity is flowing and the practicing is constant, improvement will follow.  Here at Tiptoe, we are still learning tons of new things about different ways we can use our Photoshop program and we've been using Photoshop for years!!  The learning never stops!

To me, that's what it means to be a photographer.  It's not because of the camera someone owns, it's not about the editing program they have at hand, nor is it about having a Facebook page dedicated to their skill...It's all about the skill they possess and how they use it.

Comments or questions welcome!!

One of our favorite tiny sessions of the year is Valentine's Day and this year we thought it would be super fun to bring our resident couple together for a little vintage inspired shoot! So first things first, and coincidentally my favorite thing, was the shopping!! For Olivia, I fell in absolute love with the dresses I found at Janie and Jack! I was so excited this store was the epitome of what I had in mind! Side note- I had been binge watching Mad Men, so I was mildly obsessed with what they were wearing and how they did their hair. I love how they always seemed to look so put together and fancy! See how you can find inspiration for shoots anywhere! Now we knew that Gabe needed to be equally as dapper, and it worked out perfect that we found him a "Don Draper" blazer and cute bow tie (also from Janie and Jack) ! Gahhhhh! Our first outfits were all laid out! So for the next ones we were thinking something a little more edgy like a mix between Grease and "these were the teens that got kicked out of prom". So finding a red satin dress with some red lips did the trick for Olivia and Gabe was so stinking adorable in his red suspenders and tie. I always think it is those little touches that make an outfit! Woo hoo! So we are ready for the shoot! We took the little couple to one of my favorite new places to shoot and went to town. Mind you it was about 20 degrees that day, we could literally see our breath, and I being a crazy photog mom decided it was OK to put my daughter out there in a short sleeved dress. CRAZY, butttttt it was well worth it! Now we have these adorable images of our two little ones that are Hallmark card worthy, be on the lookout at your local store for next years Valentine's Day cards featuring the Tiptoe couple. Wink Wink! Check out a couple of our favorites below!


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What happens after we "shoot" you...

As our loyal clients already know, after your photography session, it takes us about a week to have the images edited and ready for you to view and order. Ever wondered why the wait? After all, the Picture People have them ready in an hour...! You put together the most fabulous of family outfits, the kids were well-behaved and you just know we got some awesome shots...and you just CAN'T WAIT to see them! Believe us, we KNOW! What you may not realize, is that we are super-excited too and can't wait to get home and start editing!

Yes, we are professional photographers and we can absolutely take a great shot that looks pretty wonderful in camera. But, the editing process is where the magic happens! It allows us take that great shot to the next level, resulting in a fabulous mind-blowing piece of artwork that you will want to display in your home as a big ole 20x30 canvas! (And take our word for it, bigger really IS better!)

Now, we are not fans of showing raw, un-edited images to our clients but thought it would be fun to give you a little taste of what a huge difference our editing process makes to our final product. So, the first example is up! This is actually from my son's 6th birthday session. His birthday is in May and I believe I finally got around to taking these sometime in October but don't judge me too harshly!


This perfect example of adorableness (Can you tell he belongs to me? I am not too proud or anything!) didn't need a whole lot of editing. Children rarely do; they tend to have that perfect, creamy skin, bright eyes and a bubbly smile that makes editing an easy and enjoyable task. The original shot is great and I knew it as soon as I took it. At the same time, I was already imagining what it WOULD be when I finished editing it. I gave it the true Tiptoe treatment and I think the result is a happier, more vibrant image that I would be absolutely delighted to hang on the walls of my home!


This was our family shot for Christmas of 2013. This was our second go round at a family portrait in about 1 week and I was not optimistic about the outcome.  For some reason, the Showen family can never get it together enough to get it right on the first try and I have come to know and expect this!   Jennifer had the pleasure of "shooting" my family for this particular session and I did the editing. And by the way, this is the shot that hangs in my home as that big ole 20x30 canvas I mentioned earlier. And. It. Looks. Awesome!

At first glance, I was underwhelmed by the setting in this image. The field was nice but didn't exactly fit my artistic "vision". However, when I started editing and the different colored grasses started popping, I was truly blown away! This shot required a little bit more editing. For one thing, there are 4 people instead of 1. Also, I put MYSELF through an insanely ridiculous and THOROUGH editing process before I go up on any walls (virtual or literal)! Do I look skinnier in the after image? Because I guarantee you...I am absolutely skinnier in the after image! 😉

Yeah, we can do that.

So, this is why you have to wait that week before getting to view your Tiptoe'd images! We are taking the time to make them a picture-perfect, custom work of art! It is one example of what separates us from "the pack". Our work stands out, creates emotion and captures a perfect moment in time, every time!