Tiptoe’s First Workshop = Success!!!

I know leading up to the first workshop, I was so excited but I also had the jitters! I mean I had them bad! What if I forgot everything? What if my "organic" Tiptoe way of photography doesn't make any sense to anyone else except me! What if the "students" give me blank stares like I am speaking Latin or something.  What if, what if, what if! WELLLLLLLL, I just want to say that it was a smashing SUCCESS!! All that nervousness for nothing!  I think we were sooooo blessed to have such a great group of ladies for the first class.  They were great listeners and had great questions for us! I keep wondering if they were geniuses or if we really did a good job of explaining what to do because they nailed it when we went outside to practice with our cameras!

I love that we all sat together,breakfast in hand, and we shared so many great laughs (some at my expense, but it's okay, lol). Everyone knew that I was going to get tongue tied at some point, and lets be honest when we are talking about "shooting people", it never comes out right! I love coming out of this feeling like we have made some serious friends.  Again, I know we were blessed with these ladies because they gave me the confidence of knowing that I can do it again. I can only hope that the workshops from here on out have equally as perfect friends/students!

I know the Tiptoe gals are now super duper pumped about planning out the next workshop "Let There be Light" where we go into finding the light, posing, and some more in depth camera functions!  Be on the lookout for dates and sometime soon we are going to be adding a section with more info on the workshops to the website!  I feel like this is a whole new lease on our photography life, it is so refreshing to share our knowledge! I can't be more excited! class2 class3

One thought on “Tiptoe’s First Workshop = Success!!!

  1. I am so happy that Cierra loves her camera, taking pictures and most importantly TIPTOE! You guys are awesome. Thanks for sharing your knowledge - i'm sure she will use it for a long time =)

    P.S. I featured you on my blog...hope you don't mind!


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