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Hi Ya'll!

New year, new exciting things happening at Tiptoe Studios! Let me just start by saying that we love, love, LOVE a newborn session! For us ladies, there is nothing better than cuddling with a brand new little girl or boy; that new baby smell, the adorable little sounds and perfect little baby face make us fall in love with each and every Tiptoe baby we meet!

We are super excited to introduce our new promotion for maternity, birthDAY and newborn sessions! Because these sessions absolutely go hand in hand, why not save a little money? Now, whenever you book two or more of these 3 sessions, you have the opportunity to save BIG! Mix and match maternity and newborn, maternity and birthDAY, birthDAY and newborn...the combo is completely up to you! Or book all 3 for even bigger savings!

So, if you are expecting, give us a ring or shoot us an email to book! Let us love on your little munchkin for a bit...we promise to give them back! 😉

Oh my goodness... I got to photograph some of my all time favorite kiddos the other day and it breaks my heart that they are getting so big! Sisters, Shawn and Jessie, have brought their babes to us since Ben was like 2. The kiddos Ben, Kayleigh, and Lucas were SOOO good for the shoot! Ben was handing out my candy bribes, Kayleigh was Miss Sassy and baby Lucas was the best, doing whatever we asked him to do! #luckyparents  I told them what a mess picture day in the Mercer household turns into, no matter how much I plan! I wish my kids had half as much patience and smiles as their kids did! Even though I know that's not the way it works when you are the photographer and mom! #icanwish  Anyway here are some of my faves of the kids individual shots! ENJOY those smiles!


Lucas was blowing some sweet baby kisses to me!! #love


I'm sure you have seen this adorable little girl featured on our blog before.  I have been photographing Kennedy since she was two. We have come a LONG way!  We no longer have to bribe her with candy or threaten her that she won't get her toes done or go to the pool.  She comes in with her game face on and just rocks it out... I think I'm slowly growing on her..haha.  I just absolutely adore her and she makes me so proud!  Enjoy some teasers from her session.

Teaser1 Teaser2 Teaser3 Teaser4 Teaser5 Teaser6


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It is almost Valentine's Day. One of my FAVORITE holidays, and to keep up with tradition, Tara and I dressed up our little ones and MADE them do a "couples" shoot.  Yes... we just pimp our kids out like this every year. We swear one day we will be sitting at their wedding, and these pictures will be the most adorable thing EVER!  But until then...

Each year it gets a little harder, the kids get a little older, and the days leading up to the shoot we really have to bribe them to do it for us!  I'm really wondering if next year, they will put their foot down and just tell us NO!  Even though once the shoot actually starts they have a BLAST with each other. Like seriously, it's a play date! And OH MY GOSH give them a fake flask and a pair of sunglasses and our kids turned into little actors! Pursed lips, rock and roll signs and even the whip and nae name!  I love these 2 ... They are such balances of each other, Liv is an ambitious and assertive girl, and Gabe is the laid back, go with the flow boy!

I just love these little humans! And I hope you all love their little shoot! Happy Valentine's Day (a couple days early.... if I would've  waited, I seriously might have combusted) Livgabe-7 Livgabe-15 Livgabe-16 Livgabe-31 Livgabe-33 Livgabe-45 Livgabe-56 Livgabe-70 Livgabe-75 Livgabe-82 Livgabe-87 Livgabe-91 Livgabe-95 Livgabe-100 Livgabe-110 Livgabe-113 Livgabe-122 Livgabe-125 Livgabe-139 Livgabe-153 Livgabe-159

So to any of our Tiptoe people who are local know that we just got hit with the biggest SNOWMAGGEDON we have seen in quite some time! While many people around here are all upset about being stuck inside, I live for days like today where everything is beautiful and white outside, it's not windy, it's fairly warm, and has just the perfect even lighting there is. So my poor Olivia realllllllyyyyyy didn't want to go outside for pictures but I traded her letting me take some pictures of her for an ice cream sandwich!  I WIN!! WOOO HOO!!  Enjoy some of our snow day fun!! snow-2 snow-7 snow-8 snow-11 snow-16


I wanted to send out a quick teaser of some of my favorite shots of this princess!! She is and has been one of my Olivia's besties since before they were 2! I can't wait to see what those 2 will get into once they hit 12 years old! Everyone say a little prayer for us now!! LOL! Here is Kayden doing her favorite thing, CHEER! She's amazing!

Isn't she the cutest!

TS3-12 TS3-15 TS3-26 TS3-30 TS3-35 TS3-52

When Maximus turned two I was almost 8 months pregnant with Maverick, so getting him out of diapers was a MUST for me!  I was determined that I wasn't going to have two kiddos in diapers, and by the time Maverick arrived, Maximus was about 90% potty trained.  As silly as it sounds, it was such an accomplishment for not only him but me too.

Well, Maverick turned 2 in April and I got myself into "potty training" mode.  I thought, I've done this before, I'm a pro, I can for sure do this again.  Haha, well our journey the past couple months hasn't been easy...but thankfully there isn't a baby on the way for me to speed up the process, so I've just been taking it at his pace.

First, we started with reading our potty books every night and every time I went to the bathroom I would take him with me and say "look, mommy go potty"  "yay, mommy did it" etc., etc.  After a couple weeks of talking it up, we are ready to start.  Only at bath time while the water was running,  I would sit him on the potty (we don't use a little potty, I just find it confusing to go from a little potty to a big potty, and we bought one for Maximus but he never used it) so, while the bath water ran, he would sit...some nights he would go (not realizing it) and we as a family would cheer, scream and dance as he just looked at us like we were crazy.  Next, I started with every time I changed his diaper I would sit him on the potty.  After months of doing this routine he finally started realizing he was "making bubbles" like daddy.  Gross I know, but the joys of having little boys.  Just recently, I've been hitting it hard, because I know he can do it.  We now sit on the potty first thing in the morning, after breakfast, a couple times before lunch, right before nap, immediately after nap, anytime before we leave the house, as soon as we arrive someplace, before we leave, etc. etc.  It's exhausting!

I feel as if I have a little puppy running around ( I know, awful to relate my kid to a puppy) but every time I turn around I'm stepping in pee (gross) or having to clean up poo! lol I let him run around naked most of the day, this didn't work for Maximus but for Maverick I find he does better on days that he doesn't have underwear on.  Most days are good, but we do have bad ones.  I stay home the majority of the day so that we are close to a potty and at times it's a bit frustrating taking him to the bathroom every 20 minutes or so but I'm hoping that soon it will just click and we will be diaper free.  Any mommas out there going through the same thing?  What worked for you?  Any and all advice is welcome and hopefully this post will help anyone who is getting ready to start this wonderful chapter, I wish you the best of luck and just have patience.

Here are a couple pictures of my big boy and him working hard for those M&Ms!


Potty 4 Potty 5 Potty 6  Potty 8

Potty 7