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Tis the season at Tiptoe Studios and we are ready for the holidays! we have a couple of pretty fantastic deals coming up and we do NOT want you to miss out!

First up- we are starting a new tradition this year and thanks to YOU, we are offering Pictures With Santa this Saturday, December 3rd before the Charles Town/Ranson parade! We had an overwhelming request for these sessions so we decided to try it out! You will already be in town for the parade; why not stop by and your little one(s) picture taken with Santa?


Next up- Tiptoe's Last Call for holiday sessions! No worries ya'll, we are still booking regular holiday sessions but these are designed for those of you who love to wait last minute (and I am in the same boat, believe me!) and need digital files for Christmas cards, photo prints, photo gifts, etc. These are 10 minute sessions held on Sunday, December 4th and you will have your digital files edited and delivered in plenty of time for gift giving! Be sure to call and reserve your time slot!

Just a sidenote- our deadline for ordering prints with a guaranteed delivery before Christmas is Monday, December 12th. Anything ordered after that will not be guaranteed for Christmas delivery without extra shipping charges.


Next up is a yearly Tiptoe favorite- our Black Friday/ Small Business Saturday Sale! It's back and it is as fabulous as ever; for every $50 in gift cards purchased, get $25 FREE! The perfect holiday gift for your loved ones or for yourself! This deal is only available on November 25th and 26th so be sure to give us a ring on those days if you want to take advantage of this awesome sale!


We look forward to seeing you walk through our door on one of these days! Happy holidays from the entire Tiptoe crew!



Words can't even describe how much I love these littles!! (and their amazing momma!!) And even though we only had a mini session this day, we definitely had the BEST time! I don't even know the last time I laughed quite as hard as I did during the time baby Brinkley was giving me her faces, besides perhaps the time she was giving a similar face during our joint yard sale! (Listen guys, you may have had to be there, it's a long story, LOL) She had her brother, sister and mom in hysterics too, so at least I wasn't the only one! I did end up catching some natural smiles through the laughs, which is the BEST!  Please enjoy these teasers!

logo1 logo2 logo3 logo4 logo5 logo6 logo7 logo8 logo9 logo10

Some of my favorite clients brought their BRAND, spanking new baby BOY, to see me for his newborn shoot!  Baby August, previously known as Jan baby lol, (because Becca and Freddy didn't find out the sex of baby prior to his birth) was just 3 days fresh at his big modeling shoot,  just the way we love them!  He's so stinking cute and lovable, just like his brother and sister!! I really do love this family and how they can light up a room. Not to mention Becca and Freddy are probably the funniest people I know, I am seriously in hysterics the whole time! I included one of their outtakes! LOVE THEM!

gratz1 gratz2 gratz3 gratz4 gratz5 outtake2

I am so excited to share this seniors images... Not only was it by far the coolest day of August that we could've asked for.... It was also overcast!! Amazing! It made it so easy to say sure let's go out to the ball field for some shots. I didn't have to worry with any harsh shadows!! Gahh!

Chase's family is so incredibly special to me, they have been with Tiptoe for years, through family portraits, newborns, school shoots, to his sisters senior shoot a couple of years ago, basically we can just name a type of shoot and I am sure someone in his family has been there for it, as well as the Tiptoe Teaches classes.   We have formed such a great bond on so much more than just a business level!  I mean my daughter is swimming at their house right now as I am writing this post! LOL. They are definitely some of my favorite people EVER!  Just another reason I am so in love with being a Tiptoe girl.  I am lucky enough to meet these amazing people and make them my friends outside of business! God surely blessed me!

I could go on and on, but without further ado ... {Chase} Tiptoe Senior!

crockett22 crockett11 crockett7 crockett4

One of my favorite families came in for a family/first birthday shoot this week. And boy oh boy did I fall in love with these pics!  They definitely show this fams personality!  These girls love everything country, from their little farm with their cows, to their pony, and of course those styling cowgirl boots.  Gahhh!! I love it!

So for the first birthday portion of the shoot mom and I had gotten our ideas together and had some props that we wanted to incorporate into the shoot, but little miss Sage wasn't having all that. As soon as those little bare feet hit the gravel, she was all about it! And I love that Mom embraced it for what it was, and let her little girl get just as messy as she wanted because after all that is who she is!!

Here are some of my faves from the day! Enjoy guys!!

bauer14 bauer13 bauer9 bauer7 bauer6

This was such an amazing newborn session! Mom called us straight away...like from the hospital, straight away (YESSSSSSS!!! We love when this happens.) We got them in for their shoot right away! Baby Cameron is only a week old, and so incredibly BEAUTIFUL!  Just look at this princess... Just PERFECT! logo1


Every year since Maximus was 6 months old we have done a week long vacation to North Carolina, but with trying to sell our house (which is still on the market if you know anyone looking for a house...lol) we just weren't sure of our plans...so we backed out of the usual group vacation and had no plans of doing a beach trip this summer....BUMMER!  BUT...when my parents expressed wanting to get away for a few days we decided a quick trip to Ocean City for a few days is just what our family needed.

The boys were super excited because we have never gone on vacation with Grandma and Papa and I was excited to use my new camera that my partners got me for my birthday, which was last week.  (Thanks TT and Hoss!!!)  I still can't believe I only have one more year until I'm 30, ugh!!! Sucks getting old.  But anyways that's another blog topic.  As usual a few days leading up to it, I'm running around like a crazy person trying to make sure I have all I need, doing some last minute shopping, wondering who is going to look after our cats, washing clothes, cleaning the house, etc. etc.

We finally get to the beach and AHHH...  It's crazy how just being there makes me feel so peaceful.  Maximus kept asking if we would live here.  They both were a big crazy mess... staying up late, getting up early, eating anything and everything, but hey what's vacation if you can't do all those things, right?  It was a great time and I do love the beach, but boy am glad to be home.

Here are a few photos of the boys and for once I managed to get in a photo with Maximus.  Enjoy!


OC1 OC2 OC3 OC4 OC5 OC6rd OC7 OC8bw OC9bw

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Tiptoe Teaser for this beautiful family!

Boy oh boy was it a warm day!! And by warm I mean pretty HOTTT!! Mom even asked if this was one of my hottest shoots to date, and I had to answer honestly YES.... But I am guessing you can't even tell that this image was shot about 45 minutes into the shoot?? Right... because this family ROCKED. Mom was uber prepared and brought cold towels and water and even some touch up makeup for the girls!! AMAZING is all I can say, about this image, and this family! 🙂